HashedIn’s Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Program is a fully managed service that helps your organization to build and run applications that use Apache Kafka. HashedIn’s Kafka experts help modernize, maintain, and migrate streaming data without the intervention of managing Apache Kafka infrastructure on your own.


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Why Apache Kafka Migration Program?

  • Free 2-day workshop

Get familiar with MSK, understand how MSK will fit in to your architecture and get hands-on migration guidance

  • Access technical assets

Get hands-on access to migration labs that detail best practices around configuring and migrating using MM2

  • Engage with AWS experts

Get a jumpstart on your migration with a ‘Launch’ (paid) engagement with our experts from professional services

  • Get Migration Incentives

Get POC credits to get the ball rolling on your migration

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Why open-source Apache Kafka is not enough?

5th November, 2020

11:30 – 12:30 pm (EST)

Our Core Capabilities



Leveraging existing data for gaining business intelligence/insights

A fully managed Apache Kafka service that allows organizations to use their existing data in their on-premises data lake while moving the concerned data to the cloud to gain further insights and make educated business decisions.

Cost optimization

Design, deploy, and maintain low-cost Kafka clusters adhering to Kafka and cloud best practices; enabling customers to deliver real-time streaming solutions and data pipelines.

Seamless scalability

Enabling customers to scale the cluster with zero downtime.

Highly secure

HashedIn’s Amazon MSK program enables users to secure their data at rest using AWS EBS server-side encryption and AWS KMS keys to encrypt storage volumes and also data in transit via SSL/TLS.

Continuous monitoring

Deploying open-source solutions to continuously monitor the cluster’s performance and health and also the performance and efficiency of the Kafka client applications.

Our Typical Migration Pattern



Our Workable Approach

Assess, Review, & Design

We kick-start our migration program by assessing and reviewing the existing Kafka clusters and integration including the producer and consumer applications. On completion of assessing and reviewing, we design a highly-available and resilient architecture based on event-based or data streaming solutions using AWS MSK.


Next, we deploy MSK clusters for data migration from on-prem or self-managed Kafka clusters on the cloud. Migration of the Kafka clusters takes place using automated solutions like MirrorMaker or custom consumer-producer applications helping customers migrate at low cost with zero to minimal downtime.


Performance testing and tuning of the migrated cluster is done and monitoring solutions are deployed for health checks and performance tracking of the migrated cluster.

Amazon MSK consulting

Need help with Amazon MSK migration, architecture, cluster, cost optimization, or scaling?