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HashedIn has garnered the capability to provide Data Ingestion & Pipelines for streaming and batch data. We also have expertise in the implementation and maintenance of Data Lakes, ETL & ELT, Data Warehouse & Data Marts. HashedIn delivers explicit solutions through AWS by helping companies structurize strategies, certify use cases, provide access to existing data platforms, construct native data platforms, and acquire deep insight into data.

We are structured to offer holistic solutions ranging from data collection to visualization. We provide our customers with clear data pipelines which enable them to discover actionable insights.

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Our Key Offerings

Devops as a Service HA and scalability

Resolve bottlenecks and optimize data flow in existing systems hosted on AWS

Devops as a Service Data storage and organization

Strategies to optimize data storage and organization at rest to enable organizations to be able to put data to work and extract insights from it

Devops as a Service Connectors to integrate and ingest data from disparate systems in real-time – We leverage various AWS services to connect and pull data out of a variety of applications into a single data repository

Devops as a Service Design and implement scalable systems to receive and store high volumes of data from enterprise applications/user applications/internet-enabled devices – Build middleware and other integration layers to ingest high volume real-time and offline import of data and management layers

Devops as a Service Streaming ETL data pipelines for real-time processing and analysis of incoming data – Leverage AWS services like Kinesis/Managed Kafka to build high throughput ETL pipelines to analyze incoming data, derive actionable insights and store the results in managed data storage systems catering to varying usage profiles ranging from RDS for transactional data to Athena for querying TBs of data

Devops as a Service Data Visualization

Analytics platform for real-time alerting, insights and dashboards – Dashboards and applications that provide valuable business insights. We have expertise in AWS products like Amazon quick sight, which lets you easily create and publish interactive dashboards that include ML Insights. Dashboards can then be accessed from any device and can be embedded into your applications, portals, and websites.

Devops as a Service Security

AWS infrastructure is securely managed with all the necessary security systems end to end. We keep a track of our security protocol by keeping them updated and protected from potential vulnerabilities.

Devops as a Service Audit and compliance

AWS provided compliance for regulatory purposes is leveraged and the Cloud environment is secured with us for better data compliance.

Move large volumes of data stored in on-prem/other cloud infrastructure into AWS services

Migrate data from live legacy systems without down-time in a streaming fashion

Devops as a Service Infrastructure modernization

Renovate infrastructure through workload consolidation and automation

AWS Consulting

Need help with aws migration , architecture , cluster , cost optimisation or scale?