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HashedIn has garnered the capability to provide Data Ingestion & Pipelines for streaming and batch data. We also have expertise in the implementation and maintenance of Data Lakes, ETL & ELT, Data Warehouse & Data Marts. HashedIn delivers explicit solutions through AWS by helping companies structurize strategies, certify use cases, provide access to existing data platforms, construct native data platforms, and acquire deep insight into data.

We are structured to offer holistic solutions ranging from data collection to visualization. We provide our customers with clear data pipelines which enable them to discover actionable insights.

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Our Key Offerings

Connect to various data sources and ingest data to the system.

  • Create a pipeline to handle both real-time streaming data and batch data.
  • Automate data movement, data transformation, processing, and cleansing.
  • Real-time analytics using Kinesis or Kafka streams.
  • Search, analytics, and dashboards for real-time and batch data

Implement and maintain Data Lakes or Data Mesh with structured and unstructured data.

  • Set-up Data Lake Governance to manage the data effectively and efficiently.
  • Implement Semantic Data Lakes to have data discovery, data management, and enterprise analytics.
  • Implement Data Lake Catalog to make the data consistently accessible for consumption for any purpose, including analytics.

Visualization platform for real-time alerting, insights, and dashboards.

  • Dashboards and applications that provide valuable business insights accessed from multichannel.
  • Expertise in AWS products like Amazon QuickSight, to quickly create and publish interactive dashboards.
  • Custom dashboards do not have user-based pricing and can be embedded into applications, portals, and websites.

Streamlining the data collation and transformation process. This is achieved through:

  • Data extraction from data sources, identifying the changes, and pulling out the required data.
  • Transforming the data into a consistent format, using data pipelines, while in transition or at the target source.
  • Loading transformed or untransformed data into the warehouse.

Develop SQL based data marts and data warehouses, which will be your single source of truth

  • Migrate data tables and structures from cloud or on-prem to cloud.
  • Integrate across data sources or systems.
  • Create data marts for specific functionalities and use cases.

Engagement Model

  • Streaming data consulting using Kinesis / Kafka
  • Redis Consulting
  • Redshift Consulting
  • Data Consulting
  • Data Performance Consulting
Consulting & Implementation
  • An agile, pyramid team is onboarded to solve your data problems.
  • The team consists of Architects who are facilitated to provide recommendations, with a well-equipped team of Data engineers.
Outcome based engagement
  • Performance Optimization – 4-6 weeks, Optimize top 10 reports / queries
  • Custom Connector Development – 4-8 weeks based on the size of the connector
  • Mask sensitive data in Redshift / Azure data warehouse using our product Red Mask
  • Redshift Cost Optimization – Small retainer fee + Outcome based success fee

Our Solutions


Squealy is an open-source tool developed by Hashedin for building custom visualization products.This tool provides APIs for Charts and Dashboards by writing SQL queries. It accelerates custom visualisation building, and reduces go to market time by 20% to 70%.


Use of simplified SQL based workflows are exclusively created for data scientists. JinjaSQL helps you maintain queries in an external template file.


Redmask is a proxyless administration tool to mask sensitive information in a data warehouse.This reduces time to market for data warehousing solutions, ensures security and reduces compliance cost. Administrators can mask data using a variety of techniques as Redmask supports both dynamic and static masking.


A comprehensive toolkit by Hashedin to analyse data performance issues. This tool analyses the least performing queries and suggests recommendations. One can optimise performance for heavy analytics workload in weeks using this tool kit.

Data Lake Accelerator

Hashedin has 40+ ready to be deployed connectors that move data in and out from Data Lakes. These ready to plug in Sink and Source connectors work seamlessly with different systems like Hadoop, JIRA etc. and also support a variety of formats like Avro, Parquet, CSV etc. This accelerates the process of streaming data to a Data Lake.

Connector Framework

HashedIn Connector framework accelerates building custom connectors. We have built 40+ Connectors thus far using this framework. It saves data integration costs for customers.


Top Success Stories


Aditya Birla Group

ETL pipelining and analytics using Spark on AWS EMR

HashedIn helped ABG analytics team to migrate their on-premise architecture to AWS cloud

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Partner Portal Solution for Treebo Chain

HashedIn with its technology expertise, provided Treebo a centralized Document Management System that could store & manage financial data.

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