12 Feb 2018
How HashedIn University Can Help Launch A Successful Career
Yogesh Sharma
#HashedIn University | 5 min read
How HashedIn University Can Help Launch A Successful Career
#HashedIn University
Yogesh Sharma

What is HashedIn University?

One would presume it to be a normal internship period. But a hasher would say otherwise. HU – HashedIn University is an appealing tenure, during which one carves the hasher out of themselves to prove something greater. Rather, I would like to correct myself: It isn’t just about proving yourself, but also acknowledging yourself amongst colleagues and create a trustworthy bond, which helps in working even on rocket science in a much easier way.


HU teaches you the importance of:

1.Planning before Executing

The purpose of planning is to provide directions where the efforts should be channelized to achieve the desired results in the most efficient manner possible.


With a proper plan in place, the individual efforts are directed towards the attainment of their individual objectives, making the achievement of a greater goal easier.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!!


How will HU help in this?
In HU, the importance of this is evident:

  • Who will use it?

Keeping in mind the nature of the target audience always helps. It not only directs you correctly but also makes the execution easy.

  • What will it solve?

After taking the target audience into consideration comes the next question,  how exactly will it help in their day to day life? Understanding their mentality and needs facilitates the modeling of the problem at hand.

  • Whether they will use it?

While or after executing, raising this question will put you in peril. After being clear about the first two, this question should be taken into account.

2.Taking initiative

It can take a lot of courage and a strong sense of courage to take initiative, especially if you fear that people may disagree with your actions and/or suggestions. But, it is never about the outcome!!! It is all about how one handles the matter at a given point in time, rather than thinking about all the possibilities where things could go wrong.


How will HU help in this?


Just that one moment of hesitation is what stops you from committing to something. One starts taking initiative only after he/she is being pushed. No doubt, everyone advances at their own pace.


HU provides innumerate opportunities to trigger this. All you have to do is grab one of them, any one of them. This will surely build your confidence. Do it once more, just once. THAT IS IT! Then even you will hashtag #basic to it.

3. Aiming towards a greater vision, meanwhile building smaller pieces

By setting a goal in the mind before starting off the journey, it becomes a lot easier to accomplish it. Building small pieces and fitting them gradually into the imaginary structure designed earlier makes it trouble-free and straightforward.


How will HU help in this?


HU helps in setting up periodic milestones, bringing them to execution individually and also encourages you to look at the bigger picture. The bigger your goal is, the more it will motivate you to achieve it.

4.Fellowship bonding

Building trust while working, aids you in being dependent on one another and achieving something bigger, it will increase your efficiency and lessen the time taken to accomplish the task.


Only after one starts taking initiative, people start believing in them. Being dependent is never wrong, but being dependent on an ill-executor is like a death sentence.


How will HU help in this?


When one commits to something that makes things easy for others, only then mutual trust is established amongst the team.


In Agile Training, coordination of a bunch of people working together as a team and meeting the hectic deadlines to complete the crafty tasks on hand helps in obtaining this mutual trust to achieve anything with certainty.

5.Being persistent till it becomes a reality

For everyone, there comes a time when the expected task cannot be delivered on time. Worry not. Be persistent. On being resilient about it and on putting enough efforts, IT WILL WORK.


While looking at the bigger picture and building the essential parts of it, is what counts. Weigh the left-over TODOs in URGENT vs IMPORTANT. This will help in prioritizing and lower the stress in a difficult period.


How will HU help in this?

After the completion of the first few milestones and integrating them as one, you will have a clarity on taking the necessary steps in order to make it all work.


Filling these gaps can be a lot easier only when the gap which depletes the task is identified. This is where URGENT vs IMPORTANT comes into play. Fixing the urgent part takes priority over the important one.

Taking these points into consideration and working on them gradually, shapes your career as you wish it to be.
You could read what is HashedIn University all about here

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