4 Jul 2019
A Big Difference in Your SaaS Venture That Can Happen In 2019!
Judelyn Gomes
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A Big Difference in Your SaaS Venture That Can Happen In 2019!
#Latest Blogs
Judelyn Gomes

In every New Year, the tech-savvies or tech experts think about how the latest trends will create an impact on various industries. Generally, the advancement of new technology reflects past features and future enhancements.

Likewise, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model has been evolving to meet the constantly changing needs. In the past two years, the global SaaS market has attained a high rate with explosive growth.

It is forecasted that SaaS will bring a huge difference in the worldwide market by the year 2020. In this article, we discuss about the big difference of SaaS venture that can happen in 2019.


Content Platforms Shift to SaaS


According to Gartner’s analyst, it is predicted that 2019 will be a successful year for the SaaS market. The best part is that SaaS models occupies the largest segment of the cloud market because organizations are switching from content platforms to SaaS. The main reason for SaaS switching is that it helps benefit enterprises in both content and management.


SaaS Focus on Productivity


Companies make a better investment in SaaS applications for various purposes, whereas analysts only look for the integration of them with the existing tools. SaaS applications are facilitating the use of tools directly with browsers thus enabling users to access the business platform irrespective of the location.

The advanced SaaS apps mainly focus on the productivity thereby reducing the risks involved in the enterprise. This qualifies the purchasing decision and leads to better shifting of apps among other productivity-centered applications.


Switch From SaaS App Bundles to Single


The increase in popularity of cloud computing and demand of the software tools are driving essential developments across SaaS platforms. There are over thousands of cloud services within an organization that can be customized based on the need. However, accessing, organizing, and analyzing the information in large volume becomes difficult. Hence, a shift to the best-of-breed solution overall rather than reducing the cost centers.


SaaS Supports in Marketing


An organization can enhance its brand value only when it implements effective techniques or strategies to reach their target audience. Some tech experts think that conversational marketing applications helps to improve customer relationship and brand value.

The benefits of conversational marketing grab many users towards it. The marketers and non-marketers are forced to create content and post them to show establish their presence on social media platforms. This information portrays that SaaS apps will bring a drastic change in marketing for reaching potential customers.


Emphasize Data Security


The big difference that you will face in the SaaS ventures is that it will allow you to have more control over the data in 2019. With this feature, the organization ensures data privacy and security of confidential data with more prioritization.

In addition to this, the customers can make use of the enterprise key management to encrypt the sensitive data with their own key. This enhanced data privacy will increase the rate of SaaS adoption maximized among organizations.


Standalone Features


In general, SaaS systems offer more flexibility when compared to the on-premise solution or other software product and packages. The Research and Development team of SaaS are often experimenting on adding extra features, tools, and plug-ins to the relevant services in order to meet customer satisfaction.

In 2019, the standalone products will improve the flexibility of the system with custom operations and enable organizations to create applications at a reasonable cost. In addition to this, open API architecture gives hand to the developers to minimize the coding so that applications can work in all software environments.


Emergence of Micro-SaaS


The tech industries are getting saturated and the user rate is increasing day-by-day. This means that SaaS business and their professionals are getting connected to new customers with the help of micro-SaaS. This kind of business can avail high margins, low overheads, and independency of location. Simply, Micro-SaaS can be defined as the process of targeting the SaaS business’s niche market, run by a small team with reduced cost and no external funding.


Rise in Free Trials


The free trial strategy used by varied organizations will continue to rise in the SaaS cloud service model. This helps customers to test your SaaS for a certain period of time and get to know about the feature. With a clear understanding of the SaaS product, they may purchase it for long-term use. The free trial method is an effective marketing strategy for customer acquisition.


Final Thoughts


The changes occurring in the SaaS market has big promising difference in the year 2019. Of course! SaaS technology has proven its remarkable position in the B2B organization with its specialties. It is expected that 2019 will be an important year for the growth of SaaS technologies. It is therefore necessary to stay updated with the latest trends of SaaS and get hold of the best one, to stand unique in the competitive market.


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