26 Sep 2018
A Hasher’s journey at HashedIn
Rashmi Ranjan
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A Hasher’s journey at HashedIn
Rashmi Ranjan

A few years ago if you had told me that a company covers your 3 meals for the day, stocks the fridge in every floor with juice and snacks and even gives you the work from home option, I would have probably laughed. These were not the kind of things you would expect!



Looking back at the time I first applied at HashedIn, I remember looking for a job change. It was time for me to move onto new endeavors and like any other job seeker I uploaded my profile on a “job portal”. Yup, as it goes, I  got calls from various organizations.



My experience at HashedIn

But there was this one particular company which sounded really interesting – Hashedin. It was the name that first caught my attention. I immediately googled the company and it looked pretty cool! Their photos, their reviews, and their work seemed interesting. I gave it a shot. I went down for the interview. My first reaction? Fell in love with the place and the people!



From the receptionist to every individual who took my interview, everyone was warm and generous. I mean c’mon would you expect them to take you to their canteen in between the interview rounds for lunch and snacks?



Most companies I know would make you wait with a growling tummy. HashedIn, on the other hand, is pleasantly different. They believe their strength comes from their employees.



I walk up to their canteen and I am awestruck !! Every floor is filled with enthusiasm, every person is full of life and energy, with a smile on their face. The next thing I see is a group of people in midst of a team meeting and just next to them were a few guys on their bean bags having an intense FIFA match on XBOX. Wow! I was sold.



CSR Hashedin



On the way to the canteen, I passed by their gym, their game room. There was Foosball, Table Tennis and Carrom and the aroma of delicious free food!



On enquiring, I learned that  Hashedin gives you all 3 meals of the day…for FREE! More ever it’s a buffet system where you get a different kind of Veg meals every single day.



Knowing in my heart this is where I belonged, I finished the interview and kept my fingers crossed for the result. The team was so professional that they gave me the result in an hour. YES, I was in!!



My first day as a Hasher

Soon, I started my new role in Hashedin as a sales Ops Executive. I was super excited. I go to the office in super formals on my first day and hey I am embarrassed.



Well, they did tell me during the interview but then I forgot that Hashedin doesn’t believe in dress codes! Cool right? All those years, all those companies that I worked for not a single day were I was allowed to come in anything but formals. Such a relief!!



Moving on from the embarrassing moment, I am assigned a “buddy”.Ever heard of that in the corporate world? I hadn’t.


Hashedin culture


This is a really cool concept where your buddy would give you a tour of the office, introduce you to everyone and make you feel at home – make you feel part of the Hashedin family.



Let me be honest, my first day was amazing just because of the buddy system. I got to know most of the people, cleared all my doubts, did not feel left out at lunch and I had lots of fun in my free time. This was the kind of cool work culture that I thought was non-existent. I think I made more friends in that 1 day than what I had made over years in my last organizations.



The HashedIn family

Time just flew and I never realized a week passed by! But that 1 week taught me all I needed to know about HashedIn. I realized everyone and anyone is accessible from the founders to the techies to the sales and marketing guys. Each and every one of them would go out of their way to help you with anything required.



Oh! Another interesting thing is that everyone in the office was divided into 4 Teams namely Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 and every two weeks there would be some or the other kind of fun activity where you would have competitions and win points for your quarter.




Let me tell you that the activities were not just indoor activities or just some singing or dance competition, it was way more than that! You had rangoli decoration, you had acting, wall painting, Gilli-danda, in-house hackathon called “ Hashathon” and of course the outdoor sports like basketball, badminton, and football. You never really get a chance to get bored in Hashedin.



There is this tradition that I love at Hashedin. Every Friday, post work, a bunch of them will get together, which by the way includes the founders to play Poker! Crazy right? HashedIn is not a just company, it’s a family and that is exactly how they treat you.

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