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Auth Headers vs JWT vs Sessions - Choosing Right Auth Technique for APIs

Technology - 18 Jun 2018
Sripathi Krishnan
How to Deploy RabbitMQ on AWS

How to Deploy RabbitMQ on AWS

RabbitMQ is a messaging broker, and is an excellent choice to maintain task Queues. Here is how you can configure RabbitMQ on AWS in an autoscaling load balanced environment. Installing RabbitMQ On Ubuntu/Debian # Add the official rabbitmq source to your apt-get...

Designing Modules in Python [ebook]

Designing Modules in Python is part of HashedIn’s training program for junior developers to get better at design. Today, we are making it available as a free ebook.  Download E-Book Who is this ebook for? This book is for all those who have some experience in an...

Scalability Testing using JMeter

In this blog post we will discuss how we did scalability testing on Charcha. We will use JMeter – A very powerful tool capable of complex load tests, but can be very unfriendly to new users. We will start with the installation process followed by a quick...
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