8 Nov 2019
Boredom at work? We can fight it too…
Vishnudas P
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Boredom at work? We can fight it too…
Vishnudas P

Working and finishing a task/job is important but taking some time out from work to free your mind  is more important. Because when you work for more hours, shuffling between meetings, design session and countless hours on ideation on whiteboard and your creative engine eventually ends up burned-out.



*Some serious discussion on an usual day


*Exchanging thoughts on cards


*Everyone is busy pulling their thinking hats


So HashedIn UX devised a let-out mechanism, something very easy to do so it can be repeated without taking much effort from team members yet keep them engaged and focused. Wish to know? Simple get  back to childhood and play a game. We play a game called “KINGFISHER”. I know name sounds very interesting so the game too. It’s the same as Bingo but bigger and better. It is the best way to have a laughter with the team and have some fun sessions. Since everyone is gonna fight tooth and nail for the game, we bought some fair play guidelines:



  • Halls prohibit alcoholic beverages. But winner gets “Beer”.
  • Watch out for lucky seats. Yep, we have some here…shhh keep it a secret
  • Think before you call Kingfisher. We cross check and this is serious business.


  • Don’t be a parrot. Some people have a habit of repeating numbers as they are called. This might help them concentrate, but it can be very distracting for other players.
  • Don’t take out your frustrations on the caller. He is also a human and he can also hit back sometimes


Let the game begin:




We started by printing a 10×10 grid and start writing the numbers in a random fashion where no consecutive numbers come nearby. The most interesting part of this is that we have 100 squares to be filled with 1-100 and there are people who will be having 5-10 squares left :D. Yep, I know it’s crazy even though they are designers, they don’t know how to count. So we gave them one more chance to find all the missing numbers so that others can have fun at it and also help their colleagues to learn how to count from 1-100.



Now we have all our participants ready with their paper of number and lively face to win the promised beers. So the person who is called the proprietor will manage the game. He is a strict person with bird’s eye view where he will read out a number and the participants have to cross each one from the paper. 



The game’s ultimate aim is to have the number crossed in the way that we have all the numbers crossed either in a row or columns or the diagonal way(only two). Each of those bingo moments will help us to cross each one of the letters in the KINGFISHER. The one who cross all the letter first will win the game.


This game is so simple at first but the heat get into whole other level at the end. The one who have more number of words crossed from KINGFISHER at the initial stages of the game can be last and who were behind can be a winner it’s all can changeover. And the end of the day we will have a winner after going through strict evaluation.



*The fun team or just noisy makers


*The winners laugh


*What is left behind after a wonderful day


But guys if you are not one who will bore out and living monotonous life you will be wondering why is this important? Is it just another game for timepass?


Games like Bingo are essential ways to relieve stress during busy sessions. They give us some time not just to get energised and bring more focus towards work but also having games including in your workspace have many important contributions towards as a team and as an individual. As a team where people will be working in different projects maintaining team coordination and bonding has always been challenging. Games are one of the best & easiest ways to achieve this.


First of all the games like this will help us to improve our attention and have a focus mind towards the things we do. While focusing on the game to cross to number in a limited time under pressure will make us to have a better focus and attention which will help us to do the same in working.


Secondly, games helps us to stimulate the mind and boost creativity. Games are not just something we do for fun, each games have psychological impact on us Also bring different kinds of energy that makes a person more analytical, which is crucial to creativity. 


Through playing, we learn and develop essential social skills like: leadership skill, teamwork skill, time management skills. While playing a game like Bingo, your time management will get into action while working on this.




“This is our way of bringing the games to the workplace and becoming productive and have fun. Maybe you have yours or you can try what we have done. Who is gonna say no to a round of games. Let us know what your productivity secret is…” 


We can’t unveil all the details of fun in a single blog, this is just one rabbit out of the hat and there are many more to come. There was a time when we choose pictionary for an afternoon game. Stay connected…..



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