Build and learn with Charcha (Django Forum)- a discussion forum built using Django


Sripathi Krishnan

01 Jun 2017

Build and learn with Charcha (Django Forum)- a discussion forum built using Django

Welcome to the first part of our Django blog series! If you have been looking for a way to learn-while-you-build a Django forum app, you are at the right place. This series will get you acquainted to all that’s important for you to make your very own Django app that’s also efficient. You will also learn the many how-tos of capitalizing on some Django concepts to enhance your application. The series will require you to have basic knowledge of the Django framework.
So gear up, to not only build a Django Forum app but also to build it right!

What are we building?

This series will take you through the process of building a Discussion forum, we call Charcha. The forum allows you to bring up queries/discussions on any topic and flag or vote for comments (all that should also be viable anonymously if the user wishes). Towards the end of the series, you will be able to flaunt what you build, by learning how to deploy the application via Heroku as well as Docker.

You can find the full code for the Charcha forum here.
Read on and get an overview of how you can get this app up and running!

Preview of the Django-forum Charcha
How the forum will look once we’re done with the series

What’s in store for me to learn?

In the course of the blog series, you will learn about the following concepts:











Read the detailed blog posts in the series and your Django game by building this well performant discussion forum with a robust code base. In case you have any doubts or feedback for us, you can add it in the Charcha forum.
Happy coding!

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