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Day 10 (HU) - Reacting Cool with React JS!

HashedIn University - 17 Feb 2017
Reet Shrivastava

After the grueling Python track, the linkers are introduced to the awesome world of React JS.

Day 4 Stepping into the world of React JS!

The linkers were given an introduction to React and along the day they got their hands dirty with React as they started off with their first react assignment and moved on to the second one.

Day 10- Stepping into React
The winning team – martians, with their winning model

The day also saw some fun activity in the form of ‘design architecture’ in which they showed their design talents by designing models of an ideal city and finally the day ended with some football fun for them.

Two weeks down, its HU halftime here. Stay tuned for the second half of HU as we are certain that it will roll out a lot more new excitements and challenges for the linkers.

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