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Day 11 (HU) - Diving Deeper into ReactJS Data Flow!

HashedIn University - 20 Feb 2017
Disha Patil

The day saw linkers strive to finish the checkpoints as they got into to the cryptic waters of React data flow. After getting a good hold on the Component-Based-Architecture that React offers, they were familiarised with the concept of data flow among components.

React session feedback
Linkers sharing their feedback on the React track

The linkers soon realized that this track was not to pass without striking a blow, hence buckled down to complete the checkpoints one by one. As a relatively new library, React definitely comes as a challenge to the linkers but they are all geared up to finish the track with zest.

Tomorrow being the final day of the React track, the linkers are sure to have a challenging time. Read the next blog to find how did they fare in the evaluations.

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