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Day 15 (HU) - Android Track Ends!

HashedIn University - 21 Feb 2017

Last day of the very strenuous Android track demanded the linkers to show their persevering work in order to finish off their milestone checklist one by one.

Android Track last day
Linkers toiling through the Android Track Assignment

The linkers comprehended the concepts of Android programming and probed into its much exciting world to knock out yet another track.

The day had the linkers finish off the assignment and later they went through the review process. After the review, the linkers ended the grueling and demanding day with some relaxation on the badminton court.

Relaxation, they do need it now because with the Android track out of the way, the linkers have to be well relaxed and geared up to face the long and challenging project week.One thing for sure, the last week of HU is not going to be a cakewalk for them.Three down, one to go!

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