Day 3 (HU) - Software Engineering Track Followup! - HashedIn Technologies

Day 3 (HU) - Software Engineering Track Followup!

HashedIn University - 08 Feb 2017
Prasanna Kumar

Managing the complexity of a Software Product

Linkers were introduced to JIRA concepts like Versions, Epic, Story, Sprints to manage the chaos ie) Software Development Lifecycle.

  • Requirement Clarification
  • Analysis & Design
  • WBS & Estimation
  • Test Driven Development
  • Code Review
  • Documentation
  • Release Management
  • Email Best Practices
Day 3- Linkers were introduced to the tools with which we manage a Product
Linkers engaged in a scrum meeting for a simulated Product

The day wound down with Linkers coming to the realization that coding alone does not make a product but rather it is just one of the steps in building a reliable product.

Starting tomorrow, we kick-start the programming tracks and linkers are all set to get their hands dirty on HTML, CSS and JS basics.

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