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Day 4 (HU) - User Interface Track Kicks in!

HashedIn University - 09 Feb 2017
Shilpa Rao

It’s not just about building those eye-catching layouts but creating your own style which is unique for you yet pertinent for others.

Day 4 What it takes to build real breathtaking UI/UX!

The day started with a few sessions taken by our front-end experts, to familiarize our linkers with the process involved in the creation of those breathtaking User Interfaces using HTML, CSS and flex layouts. They were also briefed about the importance of adhering to the SEO guidelines.

Day 4- UI Track kicks in
Linkers engaged in the feedback review

Our linkers got the hang of what it takes to be one of the best UI designers in the industry and the importance of a proper structure, how a good structuring always come a long way and how overwhelming it is to give the users an awesome UX and a scintillating UI.

Starting tomorrow, linkers will have to face more challenging tasks. They will finally get a chance to demonstrate their ability to not only deliver on time, but to deliver excellence by implementing all they have learned till now.

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