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Day 5 (HU) - Diving Deep in UI!

HashedIn University - 10 Feb 2017
Shilpa Rao

The second day in the UI Track kicked off in style(pun intended!).

Day 5 Learning to build Pixel Perfect UIs!

The day started with a session on building pixel-perfect UIs and carried forward with the continuation of the hands-on assignment where the linkers wired in to build their UIs as alluring and eye-catching as possible.

Along the day, the linkers were also presented with an introduction to SASS and its significance.

Day 5- Diving Deep in UI!
Linkers showing off their debating skills

Last but certainly not the least, the day also saw the linkers taking part in the debate competition, where they got a chance to showcase their oratorical and persuasion skills.

The introductory (aka honeymoon) week for the linkers is over. Some relief, with the weekend around the corner, should blow some steam off the HU heat and prepare them for the next week which definitely has a lot more learning and a lot more fun in store for them!

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