20 Mar 2020
Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks and Collaborative Tools
Harshit Singhal
#Business | 4 min read
Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks and Collaborative Tools
Harshit Singhal

Reports are already being published of businesses being hit because of the Coronavirus, or, officially known as the COVID-19. According to OECD, the world’s economy could grow at its slowest rate since 2009, because of COVID-19. China’s economy has a 17% share of the global GDP and trade accounting for 34% of the domestic GDP, which makes it much more deeply interconnected with the world’s economy. 


So, what now?


How do we turn this seemingly negative situation into a positive one? Moving away from the traditional way of working, isn’t necessarily a bad thing; if, companies find a way to be productive despite the ongoing pandemic. Many organizations have asked their employees to work remotely, to help contain the spread of the virus. At times like this, companies will have no choice but to rely heavily on collaborative tools, while teams work from home. Companies that refuse to move away from the traditional working model will be left behind. 


This isn’t the first time we’ve faced a global pandemic and it probably won’t be the last either. Science and technology have always been friends, and in scenarios like this, collaborative tools like Meetnotes, Trello, Slack, Zoom, etc. will be saviors for many businesses. 


At HashedIn, here are our favorite collaborative tools that our teams use, sometimes together, for their different use cases. 




Global health-care pandemonium or not, meetings are known to be the hot-bed of inefficiencies.

MeetNotes is a SaaS application that was developed to address the problems that lead to unproductive meetings. It is designed to help with the efficient execution of meetings, where teams can have clearly defined agendas and action items. MeetNotes can help when employees are working remotely, with: meetings, assigning action items to individuals, video-conferencing, messengers, take minutes-of-meetings and has direct integration with slack.




Slack, with millions of users globally, is one of the most popular collaborative tools out there. You can use it on either mobile or desktop and has an excellent user interface. It is designed to replace emails as the primary means of communication and sharing. It is a chatroom for the whole company, wherein it has communication channels for group discussion and private messages. It has voice and video conferencing capabilities, as well. Moreover, it also allows for easy integration between third party services such as GitHub, Trello, Google Drive, DropBox, Meetnotes, etc.



Trello is a project management software and online collaboration tool, that lets you organize projects and work on them in teams. It allows you to work with boards and lists, where you can set up action items like to-do lists, and delegate them among team members. Feedback can also be given through assigning comments to cards. Trello also allows you to integrate with apps like Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, and Evernote. 




Zoom has changed the way we work remotely. This platform is used for video and audio conferencing, chat, webinars; across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. Zoom can be used as a substitute for board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, classrooms, and executive offices. 


A decade ago, working remotely meant low productivity, low collaboration, and just overall inefficiency. Today, things are different. With all the collaborative tools out there, people can actually save on travel time and money, have flexible work schedules, which ultimately, will lead to higher productivity and efficiency. With more employees working from home, the uptake of these tools has increased significantly. Zoom’s stock is up to 67% so far this year, while Slack has risen about 11% for the year. Similarly, the uptake of Meetnotes has also jumped exponentially. 


Although these do seem like dark times, there is a silver lining. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and for most businesses, the goal is to come up with a better, more efficient, way of working.  Collaborative tools will definitely enable us to come up with a more innovative working model.


Stay smart, stay safe, but most importantly, stay home, and see you on the other side!


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