Hashathon-5.0 A Refreshingly Challenging Tech event for the Geeks


Kousick S

16 Jan 2018

Hashathon 5.0

“Hackathon!” – A garage of techies fueled with ideas and technologies, hit their peaks of innovation in a span of 24 Hours. Preparations for the event take place for over a Month, with participants forming a team, working on their initial plan, devising gadgets and tools with a mindset to learn, build and have fun.


HashedIn has been instrumental in nurturing innovation and help its techies cultivate the sense of learning new technologies since the last 2 years. Hashathon(Hackathon @ Hashedin) has lit its torch 4 times earlier paving way for more than 50 cool products in the past that range across different technology verticals to help propose innovative and whacky technical ideas with tremendous market value.


The event primarily focuses on ideation, innovation, and implementation. And the by-product of all this is crazy learning, fun, competition, and FOOD!


Hashathon 5.0

The Hashathon committee not only just organizes the event for you but also helps you with a team, throws out a bucket full of ideas on the board so that you get to understand the current swing and either you choose an idea or come up with one of your own. The environment around you is insane with scribbled whiteboards, crashed Red Bull cans, zombie faces that have stayed awake round the clock and some polite music. Participants have always bagged home super fun goodies, and the winners have had a jackpot.


Mentoring has been key to the success of Hashathon. The event is just not that one day, it spans over a week prior to the day. The teams are asked to pitch in ideas and come up with a high-level architectural design on how the product is going to be built. With great architects and tech guru’s around, teams get mentored before the event on what to focus and what to keep for the last. During the sprint of 24 Hours, the mentors visit teams at checkpoints, guide them on technology, implementation, and presentations. Trust me, this is something that is beyond the competition that every participant gets – “An opportunity to be mentored by the best in class”.


There is no end to motivation during the event. Judges for the event are generally CXO’s of various organizations and startups across the industry. The insight they provide on each and every product is incomparable. There is a lot to take from every talk and discussion during the final presentation. And it’s amazingly educative to see various ideas and products built on different technologies put across for evaluation and debate.


Though technology has been the heart of the event, there has been acknowledgement towards design and art in the past. Hashathon has seen miniatures, quilling, painting, and other sorts of artistic projects and is always open to support such activities for the non-techies.


A commendable list of web apps, tools, libraries, and gadgets have been built with technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Beacon technology and have been deployed to the cloud.
Hashathon has always motivated Hashers and has kept them excited from the day of announcement of the event, until it’s judgement day. All the techies are now geared up with their respective teams looking forward to the next.

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