HashedIn-Redis Labs Meetup 2017 – Partnership That Just Got Stronger


Himanshu Varshney

08 Aug 2017

HashedIn Redis Labs Meetup

-We had a wonderful start to this year with so many positive things happening in our business, one such great thing was our partnership with Redis. Interestingly, we are the only technology service provider from the APAC region to be partnering with Redis Labs. Of course, this took a while to materialize.


Sripathi Krishnan (CTO, HashedIn) has been one of the biggest contributors to open source Redis since its inception, He is the author of the popular memory analysis tool redis-rdb-tools. He writes extensively on Redis, and is amongst the top 5 people who answer Redis questions on Stackoverflow. Sri has played a significant role in bringing these two companies together.

The HashedIn-Redis meetup

We had planned to host a HashedIn-Redis meetup sometime this year, however nothing was finalized. After several telephonic discussions with Amir Levy – Senior Director at Redis Labs, we decided to host this meetup on August 3, 2017. Considering the fact that these discussions happened in the fourth week of July 2017, we had limited time and had so much to do before the event. Our marketing team did a fantastic job of planning and organizing this meetup.


Everything was well planned and executed, be it developing the event landing page and creating public awareness about this meetup through various marketing and social media channels or following up with the attendees post the event for their valuable feedback.


As it was the first time we were hosting a Redis event of this kind, we had decided to conduct this meetup at our office premises. With our aggressive marketing strategy, we managed to get 100+ registrants from 50+ companies (includes companies like Myntra, Swiggy, Ibibo and Raukten) in a matter of just 2 weeks.


The theme for this year’s meetup was “The Swiss Knife For Great Applications”, and was well articulated by Harshit Singhal in his welcome note. A swiss army knife is a survival tool kit, similarly Redis also has numerous applications. How one uses Redis is important and it is important to examine whether Redis is used effectively.


We had 6 speakers who went on to share their experiences on how they are leveraging the power of Redis to boost their business performance. Amir Levy and Tal Shkolnik from Redis Labs gave the audience a good insight about the redis platform and gave a demonstration of the Redis Enterprise version. Sripathi Krishnan spoke about how redis can be put to use for enhancing business performance, he later conducted a hands-on session along with Tal for the registered participants. Anshuman Singh, the founder of MeetNotes, Sanjay Yadav, Principal Architect, Myntra and Anindya Sharma, Co-Founder and CTO, Cyware Labs, shared their experiences using redis and how it transformed their businesses. A special thanks to the MeetNotes team for summarizing the entire event in an engaging manner.

Redis Event Summary

Here is the link to the Redis event summary.


After my side talk with Redis Labs, and discussing the pain points in the APAC market, I could see that there is a need for Redis Experts and advisor in the APAC market. Keeping that in mind, I was happy to announce that HashedIn will provide a 1 week Redis Labs Consultation for the first five enterprises, that too without any cost.


The underlying goal was to help enterprises use Redis the right way, and to be able to unlock the power of Redis. The meetup concluded at 4:30 PM after Sripathi’s Hands-on workshop. The event was a huge success, as most of the registrants sat through all the sessions and actively participated in it. As a token of love, all the registrants who had attended the meetup were given some goodies. Our team also sent out “Thank you” mails to all of the registrants along with the presentation slides of the HashedIn-Redis Labs meetup and an ebook for digital business transformation.


After seeing the immense interest the audience showed in learning more about redis, HashedIn and Redis Labs have agreed to conduct more such events in the near future. The next one is expected to be much larger and bigger, may have Salvatore Sanfilippo himself be a part of it. Join Redis Meetup group to keep yourself updated with the latest on this.

About the Author

Himanshu Varshney is the CEO and Co-Founder of HashedIn Technologies. He is an alumnus of IIT-Guwahati with over 14 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked with 50+ vendors from countries across the globe, delivering technology solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises. He “Leads by Vision.”

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