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HashedIn University Day 1 - Welcome Linkers!

HashedIn University - 06 Feb 2017
Disha Patil

Today we kick start HashedIn University or HU – our 10th boot camp in 6 years!

HU is a four-week fun-filled yet intensive training program. Our interns, or linkers as we call them, learn various technologies by building rather than by listening to lectures. The fifth week is reserved for a final graduation project.

the fifteen new Hashers-HU2k17
HU-2k17 batch – Nishant, Revant, Sharath, Shubham Singh, Rishabh, Daksh, Puneeth, Ashishbhai, Mythri, Shweta, Sahana, Sneha, Uday, Shubham Aggarwal, Subrahmanya

Induction day is light – icebreaker sessions, Pictionary, and lots of eccentric stories in the game ‘Four pics and a story’. We also introduce them to agile processes, sprints, and a short introduction to git.

Starting tomorrow, I’m sure they will feel the heat as the Software Engineering track kicks in!

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