HashedIn’s photo challenge, a walk down the memory lane, indeed!


Judelyn Gomes and Pooja Joshi

18 Nov 2019


What does it take to get recognized as one of the Top 20 IT startups to work for in India? The answer is simple – work hard, party harder! At HashedIn, we believe that keeping our employees happy will reflect on the work they do. Annual outings to beautiful locations around the country, regular team lunches/outings, sports activities, etc. are our way of being a great place to work.


Recently, the Human Resources (HR) Team at HashedIn conducted a competition, where teams were vying to have the most like picture on social media. The rules were simple: The picture had to be creative, unique, and the whole team had to participate. The results were nothing short of iconic and the winners were titled the Coolest Team of HashedIn!


Balancing Work and Fun


At HashedIn, our “Hashers” are always working on tight schedules, deadlines, and challenging projects. This competition was a way for the teams to let themselves loose and ensure that the element of fun stayed alive amidst all the hectic work.


To win the “Coolest team of HashedIn” contest, the participants had to go to interesting places, think of creative angles for their pictures and then ensure that they had the most number of likes on that post. They also had to come up with a catchy, creative title that conveyed what they were trying to capture.


Since it was all about the likes, friends and family jumped in to help out teams get a competitive advantage. One Hasher even reached out to a celebrity to like the picture and within 10 minutes, the likes had increased by 200! In another team, a junior only got his PR reviewed after he liked the team’s picture on Facebook! Talk about tactics!


The team that emerged as the winner was Honeywell GSS. They showcased their creativity and team-spirit with panache. Although there was only one winner, every Hasher pushed themselves to get that perfect click and took out time to have fun despite their busy work lives. At HashedIn, we take both work and play very seriously. We believe that both are intrinsically linked and sustaining this kind of environment IS the “Secret ingredient” of our Noodle Soup. 😉

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