17 May 2018
Heart Count over Head Count
Navneet Nischal
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Heart Count over Head Count
Navneet Nischal

HashedIn is a one of a kind IT company, which strongly believes in having Heart Count over HeadCount. This not only differentiates HashedIn from the Dime a Dozen IT companies springing up everywhere in the Silicon Valley Of India but also makes it a much sought after place to work.  

The secret to the company’s success lies in the two principles it follows:

  • Fun at Work
  • Acting as Owners

Employees at HashedIn are encouraged to have a healthy work-life harmony as against an obligatory work-life balance. The management strongly believes that a happy person makes for a better employee, will have a higher productivity rate and will stick around longer as compared to the ones who aren’t. Hence Hashers are persuaded to have a work-life harmony cycle and in turn a productive professional and a peaceful personal life.

Fun at work

HashedIn, a company founded by 4 young and enthusiastic techies in the year 2010, has come a long way since its humble beginning.  In just about 8 years, HashedIn has over thousand stories (if not more) to share, be it with the fun the Hashers have in their yearly outings, half-yearly Hackathon (most endearingly referred to as Hashathons), the  quarterly team outings, the monthly games and cultural events or simply winding up a hectic week with poker nights. Football clashes, Morning Cricket matches, Coffee over Carroms, Yoga for the mind and Zumba for your body are some of the ways Hashers unwind.

Hashers, led by its super smart and fervent leadership team takes Fun at Work quite seriously. This can be seen the way lateral hiring is carried out at HashedIn. The prerequisite for hiring employees is to first check how well would one fit into the culture of the organization, to see how well they can imbibe the values and reverberate the essence. After all, the heart count matters.

The freshers who join HashedIn in batches every year undergo, a uniquely curated Bootcamp called HashedIn University, that takes them through a 6 week long rigorous yet exhilarating and fun-filled journey. This program moulds the young hearts and its count definitely does matter.

The young minds, placed in one of the four teams, termed as Quarters, indulge in healthy competition throughout the year in various sports and cultural activities culminating into the final trophy that is awarded to the winning Quarter during the annual outing.

Acting as Owners

HashedIn strongly believes in employees Acting as Owners, be it at the starting of one’s career or at the very peak of it. Hashers are always encouraged to take up initiatives, drive projects creatively or have customer delight as the primary goal of each deliverable and how well can the entire customer journey be orchestrated.
Acting as owners could also bring about positive changes to the organization. Be it in enhancing employee skills through various training programs, organizing the parking lots, setting up a gym, enabling a 24 x 7 cafeteria service etc

The most encouraging and open, quarterly all-hands session that HashedIn’s CEO orchestrates, is a forum where issues that need management attention are discussed. Here the company’s progress is analyzed, the strategy for the next 6 months is charted out and the enthusiastic employees who dared to explore and take initiatives are rewarded appropriately. These discussions are highly effective and go from solving very basic needs of employees to taking up CSR initiatives and more.

The monthly open-house, a shorter version of the all-hands session, is an initiative by the leadership team to identify and award employees who have gone out of their way to ensure customer delight and success. This ensures the employees are motivated to act as owners and be a leader in every initiative they take.
HashedIn believes in not just moulding recruits to be good employees but also great leaders in all walks of life. Heart count definitely matters.

  • Afterwords

In short, HashedIn is a home away from your home. You not only get to work on some challenging projects but also experience great work culture and indulge in some fun-filled activities that will keep your heart hooked to HashedIn. Heart count matters, always.

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