How Employee Engagement Defines the Success of Your Business


Monica Sridhar

04 Sep 2018

Employee engagement defines the success of your business

It’s a known fact to the human resource fraternity, that happy employees are more productive. That’s why many companies today, emphasize on employee engagement programs. Keeping employees engaged in various forms helps in achieving greater productivity and improving business.


HR leaders must focus more on keeping their employees engaged as they spend most of their time in the office than at home. Employee engagement should be aligned with the values of the organization to make the employees feel connected with the culture of the company. 


Research has proved that engaged employees have higher productivity and commitment towards work. Engagement of employees can be done in various forms which has the following key organizational benefits:


Diverse and fun workplace

Employee engagement is the key to building a diverse and fun work culture. It provides an opportunity for managers to unify and align the team with the core values of the company.  A highly supportive work environment, where merit and career development is encouraged makes employees feel valued and respected.


Employee satisfaction and retention

Employee engagement is good for retaining talented employees. When it comes to job satisfaction, compensation is not the only factor that motivates people.  Lack of avenues to develop their skills is one of the main reasons why people quit their jobs. Employee engagement activities and career development initiatives can make the workplace more comfortable and happier for your staff. Be it energizing Zumba sessions or training workshops, carefully designed engagement activities can keep your employees happier and healthier. Good engagement thus plays a crucial role in staff retention and lowers absenteeism at work.


More productivity

Engaged employees feel more connected to the company and are better aligned with the goals of the organization. Employees who are appreciated and recognized, tend to care more about their work and the business goals. They are also more likely to stick around in the organization.   


Better customer service and profits

Productivity is high in organizations that have a positive work culture where employees feel motivated. Empowered employees tend to perform better in their jobs and are more likely to care about the customers. Employee engagement can thus help improve the quality of services and products offered. This, in turn, can improve sales and profits.


“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” –Doug Conant


Employee engagement is all about valuing and truly caring for your employees. I strongly believe that HR leaders need to focus on creating a happy and healthy work culture to keep the team happy and motivated.  At HashedIn, we embrace employee engagement as part of our core business strategy and are committed to building a great place to work. As leaders,  we should set the tone and value for the organization.


In the end, the success of your business depends on the kind of work culture you create.

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