6 Dec 2018
How iSaaS Can Transform Your Business
Tharika Tellicherry
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How iSaaS Can Transform Your Business
Tharika Tellicherry

Software as a Service (SaaS) is rapidly transforming the way organizations work. New cloud-based software solutions are making jobs easier at every level of a business from improving user experiences to empowering researchers with the data insights they need. Businesses, both small and large, are embracing Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) to meet their operational challenges, improve efficiency, and deliver better service.


What is Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS)

Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) offers companies with intelligent software solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis.  This eliminates the need to pay upfront purchase costs. Companies gain the flexibility and scale to customize a solution that is best suited to meet their business challenges. The technical components for Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) covers cloud, software architecture creation, product development, modern UI/UX design, multi-tenancy, micro-services, containerization, cyber-security, and software testing.


How Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) can transform your business

Through Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS), businesses can bring in the value of Product design thinking, Agile delivery, Modern software engineering and DevOps best to conceptualize, launch and scale great SaaS products. Here are some of the key pillars of an iSaaS service offering:


1) Cloud

iSaaS vendors provide enterprise-class cloud services that allow companies to create, manage, and optimize cloud environment at an affordable cost.  Businesses can get full-fledged cloud services including Cloud Innovation, Cloud Migration, Cloud Security, Integration, Data Analytics, API Management, IoT, Machine Learning, Bots, and much more without any huge investments in resources.


2) Integrations

Through sophisticated automation tools and DevOps, iSaaS companies help businesses meet integration goals by improving the quality of existing codes or help in building winning API first or microservice architecture.


3) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Companies use iSaaS to build advanced analytical capabilities to meet their business goals. Whether it is to meet a regulatory requirement or to engage customers, businesses can design and manage powerful data analytics solutions that are customized to meet specific business goals.


4) Data Analytics and Engineering

Companies can easily access a range of data analytics and engineering services like smart extraction, transformation, analysis and visualization to effectively manage business data.


5) UI/UX Modernization for  Legacy Applications

Businesses can easily access the talent and expertise they need to “Re-invent” existing legacy software assets and achieve strategic goals.  Companies can improve their technical agility to gain a competitive advantage. As per their needs, companies can go for DevOps automation, transform UI/UX, or rewrite application codes.


Things to look for in an Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) provider

Here are some key factors to consider while choosing an Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) provider:


1) Access to advanced product development capabilities

To drive innovation, iSaaS vendors must have access to the right technologies, framework and tools.  While choosing a vendor, look at their Cloud capabilities, clientele, reputation, and technical expertise.


2) Speed and Agility 

A responsive iSaaS vendor who is quick to resolve issues can accelerate innovation and speed up the project. Vendors who use reusable frameworks and product accelerators can help in quicker project delivery.


3) Tech partnerships for superior client engagement

A good iSaaS vendors would understand the business nuances of the project and bring in a solution-oriented approach. While choosing an iSaaS provider, find out if the team has the technical resources and tools to manage complex multi-cloud infrastructures.  A vendor having strong partnerships with popular technologies like Redis, Heroku, and AWS would have the developmental capabilities to build winning SaaS applications.


4) Access to a reliable workforce

An iSaaS service provides must have a skilled, adaptive, team that has the expertise to work on multiple technologies. Find out if they offer remote and on-site support.


Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS) thus offers organizations an affordable and scalable means to access the resources and technology required to build, scale and manage winning SaaS solutions.


Learn more about HashedIn’s iSaaS offering

You can check out these client stories to learn more about how HashedIn helped global companies transform their business with Intelligent software-as-a-service (iSaaS):


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