27 Apr 2018
How to promote your new product or service in 10 different ways?
Indu Pillai
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How to promote your new product or service in 10 different ways?
Indu Pillai

Even though there are endless options when it comes to launching a new product or service, the main challenge arises at the time of choosing the right way to promote them. Out of all the options available to publicize your product/service, what actually works may entirely depend on the type of business you are in.

In a highly competitive media world, marketing a product/service has become trickier than ever.  What we need is the ideal blend of the most effective media mixtures (digital & mobile), and a broader marketing plan which will help you in identifying the most beneficial type of advertisement for your specific business.

Another key thing to note is to keep the messaging consistent across all channels while integrating your promotion plans. So here are 10 different ways with which you can create the best-integrated marketing plan to effectively promote your product/service.

Identify Target Audience

Before you start planning for your product launch, do a thorough market research to identify who your target customers are and what they are looking for. This research actually forms the basis of your marketing strategy and helps you in creating the ideal launch plan.

Product Messaging & Positioning

Once you have an idea about who your target audience is, it’s time to frame that catchy tagline that highlights the most valuable features of your product or service.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the easiest, fastest and a much better way to promote your business. A properly planned and executed email campaign enables you to target the right people and deliver your messages at the right time. Let your customers and prospects know that you have something new.

Host/Participate in Events or targeted industry conferences

You can either host or participate in an event to showcase your new baby. Launching your product during a conference or an industry event will help in gaining maximum publicity. Make sure that you start your outreach activities at least 3 or 4 weeks before the official launch date.

Let the Customer Reviews speak for you

If you have already done a product demo to your customers and prospects, ask them to review your product/service so that the testimonial can be shared with their approval. It’s noted that whenever there is a raving review of new launches, people will be more interested to sign up or try it out.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process that optimizes your online content and acts as an adhesive when it comes to your product launch campaigns. In order to rank high in Google searches, first, we must try to understand the various keywords that our prospects use. The second step is to ensure that you use those keywords in all the content you promote.

Write a blog post

Weaving in a blog post to announce your new product or service by mentioning its benefits/features is one of the smartest and easiest ways to increase your SEO. Leading people to the blog page with an attractive call-to-action is a great and affordable way to reach your audience. This can be done by sharing customized content for each one of your social channels.

Press release and media kit

Identify the keywords that your prospects are likely to use in Google searches, and include them along with appropriate links in the news release you are sending. Ensure that your PR is full of relevant content that will attract readers of online content. If done the right way, a powerful press release is a right tool to direct Google searchers to your website.

Launch Preview for End-Users & Prospects

Offer your customers or people who are interested in your services a preview of your launch. This can be done by hosting a pre-launch party, product demo or a customized invitation to test your latest service. With free trials, demos and downloads, make it readily available for interested people to learn more about your product/service.

Encourage employees to follow your company’s social media accounts

Studies have shown that every person knows at least 200 people. So just imagine the power of tapping into the network of everyone you know and the kind of reach your launch will get. Make sure that all your employees mention your business in their personal social media profiles, and they all follow your company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn as a business network might be the right channel through which you can encourage your folks to participate in as your employee. For each of the blogs or other content you share on your website, there must be social share buttons with which people can share content right away.

Finally research on the different ways with which they can further help you promote your product/service within their social circles. The idea behind this is to use the various social channels for more meaningful engagement.
By integrating all the above methods, you are all set to market your product/service!

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