3 Jun 2019
How to use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Customer Growth & Expansion
Judelyn Gomes
#Data Engineering | 6 min read
How to use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Customer Growth & Expansion
#Data Engineering
Judelyn Gomes

Customer data collection is one of the most crucial keys to support the marketing strategy of a business. Every year organizations spend a huge amount of monetary resources on marketing their product or service in the niche market.

In order, to understand the exact need of the customers, businesses capture values in different ways. They make use of various sources to find the customers who are satisfied with their brand thus enhancing the sales in the upcoming days.

At present, many organizations nurture an unclear idea of using the most valuable customer data to improve their business. This article explains in detail the essential information regarding capturing value from your customer data.


What Is Customer Data?


Customer data is a kind of information that showcases the purchasing behavior of the customers based on specific brands’, products, or services. Such powerful data support the organizations to understand the need of customers and user experience with their brand.


Importance of Customer Data


First and foremost, every organization must know the importance of customer data to make it useful for the success of their business.

  • To design a better product or service
  • To boost up conversion rates
  • To reach more audience, based on their expectation
  • To have good communication with the customers
  • To offer excellent customer service
  • To know the preference
  • To know the positive and negative aspects of your business


How Can You Collect Customer Data?


An organization can capture customer data in many ways from multiple sources. The data can be collected either through technical methods or direct methods. Generally, the customers’ data can be collected in three methods:

  • Direct communication with the customer
  • Indirectly tracking the customer behavior online
  • Incorporating certain techniques to retrieve customer data

Businesses can take advantage of all these three methods to obtain powerful customer data and reap its complete benefits.

Generally, the customer’s activity on the websites and social media pages helps any business to extract the customer data. For instance, the location-based advertising makes use of the device’s IP address to build the data profile. This information can be used to target the customer through their internet connected device.

On the other hand, you can go through the customer service records to know the customers who have communicated with the sales and support departments in the previous days. In such a way, you can collect direct feedback related to your product or service.

Another idea is purchasing the customer data from the third-party sources and utilizing it based on your company brand. These are some of the best ideas to collect efficient customer data for your business.


How to Capture Values from the Customer Data?


Customer experience plays a vital role in the development of your brand and can result in achieving an organizational goal. Gathering and improving customer data will provide essential support and help improve customer experience. However, any organization with a business goal faces several challenges while storing and using customer data effectively.


How You Can Use the Customer Data for Enhancing Your Business.


Develop A New Product or Service


It is mandatory to understand the expectation of the customers towards any product through data analytics. This helps the team to make better decisions in creating a new product or service and fulfill the expectation of the customer.  This captures great value in improving the sales and profit of the business.


Customized Shopping Experience


The increase in usage of the customer data helps you to offer more personalized purchasing experience for your customers. This happens when an organization integrates the previous customers in the marketing channels.

It notifies the offers and discounts that are available for the customers in your brand. It is better to use location-based customer data to reach local customers. This greatly helps the organization to earn more profit from the existing customers.


Customize Promotion and Special Discounts


Clear customer data analytics helps the business to give customized offers through marketing. The customer analytics enable you to have loyal customers thus increasing the revenue. For this purpose, it is essential to identify the channel that brings more customers to the concerned business and take measures to improve the one for yielding better outcomes. So, the right promotion or marketing on the right channel can help gain many happy customers.


Improve Marketing Process


Customer data can be used to categorize the customers depending on various aspects like location, price, range, and much more. With this information, businesses can implement marketing strategies according to segments. This implementation acts as an effective marketing campaign to reach the target audience in a better way.


Best Customer Support


The most prominent way to make use of the customer data that are obtained from purchase history or support history, is to deliver a better customer experience. Even the customer support and mail support data help any business to have a huge amount of customer data.


Create Info-graphics


You might have collected a bulk amount of data through analytics or surveys which can be converted into an impressive infographic. The created infographics can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Also, it can be used in blogs to drive more traffic to your website.


Reach Target Audience


The customer behavioral tracking and social media login tracking allows you to know the relevant customers for your product or service. Targeting on relevant customers maximizes the conversion rate, thus helping you attain more benefit.


Improve Your Business


The customer data analytics gives a helping hand to companies in identifying the product that is most liked by the customers and the price they pay for it. In addition to this, you get to know the feedback about their product or service which can be used as base to improve your business based on the negative aspects.


Final Thoughts


As an entrepreneur or an owner of business you are forced to take the right decision when it is related to customer data. Every customer data is a link that makes your business a successful venture. Implement the above-mentioned business strategies, with the deepest insight of customer data, which can illuminate your business in the competitive market.

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