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How Do We Deliver 40% Faster

General - 02 Feb 2017
Harish Thyagarajan

Influencing factors that help us deliver 40% Faster with 100% Guaranteed Outcomes

Our technology expertise has provided faster and impactful solutions to businesses across the globe with the help of these factors :


With our reusable modules, proprietary tools and processes, we will help you tackle all the business challenges effectively and achieve great results. Being one of the core contributors of the Open Source world, we have developed a lot of tools internally for faster product development.


We execute the product development plan in an agile and iterative manner using HiWay best practices. Our product development mechanism lends itself to faster delivery with assured outcomes.

We follow a 2-step process to deliver digital solutions faster:

  1. Accelerated Discovery & Roadmap Definition: We leverage a set of questionnaires and workshop based analysis to identify and understand the application attributes. Based on the analysis, we share a structured roadmap to build the right product to transform your business.
  2. Agile Execution of Product Development Roadmap Using RAPiD: After finalizing the product development roadmap recommendations, we execute the product development plan in an Agile and Iterative fashion. Our Agile product development approach involves Sprint based development with Bi-monthly demos, status reports, and production releases.

These best practices help in bringing more consistency in execution and in achieving the target of speed and quality that we have for all our customers.


HashedIn is an employee and customer-centric organization. We believe in the concept of taking up ownership and accountability for building great products. With this mantra, we have successfully delivered numerous products to some of the most popular companies across the globe.

We strongly believe in hiring the right people and nurturing them to their fullest potential in order to deliver the best solutions.

Hiring The Best Candidates:

We are committed to finding the right set of resources from a wide range of educational backgrounds, and when we spot talented associates, we do everything that is required to retain them. People who work with us know that one day they can become great leaders and managers.

Grooming The Employees:

We are very passionate about providing a learning environment to our employees. Through various tech events, we help them become more technically skilled to tackle bigger business challenges.

  • HashedIn University: This is an internal training program inspired by research from HBS Professors Thomas J. DeLong and Michael Paley. This award-winning study showcases how fresh perspectives can be applied by new talent before they are entrenched in the organizational processes. HashedIn University is a 6-week intensive yet fun filled unique training program that is conducted with a motive of training young talented engineers as industry ready leaders. Our interns learn various technologies by building rather than just by listening to lectures. The last week is reserved for a final graduation project.
  • Our Team Culture: We bring in the right blend of work and fun to make the workplace more vibrant. We make our workplace more engaging with gym facilities, great food, and indoor games to keep our employees engaged all the time.
  • Hashathon: This is a structured tech event that happens every six months where, Ideas are given, using which participants come up with products. The event is based on the theme “Build a software or hardware product that will improve lives of Hashers
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