Introducing SQueaLy-Fastest Way to Develop Customized Dashboards


Devashish Sharma

24 Apr 2017

Introducing SQueaLy - Fastest Way to Develop Customized Dashboards

At HashedIn, we have been building customized dashboards for quite a while now and with every other project, we came up with some solution to increase reusability and reduce the effort for incremental changes in the dashboard. Learning from these experiences, we created a standardized solution for creating reporting APIs and integrated dashboards that would be helpful to any kind of product developers: SQuealy.


SQueaLy – Write SQL get APIs !!

As the name suggests, squealy uses the power of SQL to extract the data and provides out-of-the-box visualizations to gather graphical insights from the data. Additionally, squealy supports templated SQL with JinjaSQL. It gives the ability to use iterators, conditional statements and macros inside SQL queries. Squealy is independently deployed specific to each client, making all database connections secure in the hands of the client.


Auto-Generated REST APIs

Just by writing an SQL query, the user gets a REST API for the report and a visualization mode that intelligently creates the best possible chart out of the extracted data.These APIs can be used to integrate the chart into any customized dashboard. All the APIs are authenticated by default and support JWT. It also supports fine-grained authorization attached to each API. A user would have access to only those charts at the API level, for which he/she has the view/edit permission.

Authorizing the data

With parameterization support in the query, the chart/report can easily be connected to dropdowns, date-selectors etc, and with JijnjaSQL injecting session information while pre-processing the query, it is easily possible to window the data according to the access level of the logged-in user viewing the report, i.e., customizing how much data can each user see.


Scheduled e-mail reports

Squealy gives out-of-the-box support for setting up scheduled email reports. The user can easily white-label and templatize the email (body and subject).


Licensing and Support

SQueaLy has reduced our efforts in generating customized dashboards and reduced a lot of developer hours, hence proving to be beneficial to the clients too. It can also prove to be beneficial to a large section of product companies to quickly get customized dashboards that can be shared with an unrestricted number of viewers. And it is completely free to use and open source. For additional support, contact HashedIn Technologies.
Check out SQueaLy on github

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