Is COVID-19 pushing the world of IT to a new normal?


Monica Sridhar

27 Jul 2020

As the pandemic continues to outrage and create havoc globally, it has made life difficult for all and mostly for IT professionals. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are finding it difficult to operate smoothly. To make it more difficult, it has also resulted in an economic downturn, where several people are losing their jobs and several organizations are calling it quits. But to add a positive notion, it is widely recognized that every great crisis in history has led to a new way of life and innovations.


But what does covid-19 have in store for us?


Ever since the outbreak, organizations have transitioned to a remote working model and are relying solely on the internet and technology to collaborate in getting things done. It’s a reality that this remote working is not going to go away, and we have to move towards the digital world. As a HR personnel I strongly admit that HR leaders need to start brainstorming on how to impart this culture training while working with employees remotely. It could be a tedious process but a process that would reassure that employees that there is a brighter tomorrow.


However, these tough times have helped us in thinking and adapting to technology-based solutions facilitating remote work to operate, communicate, engage, and track performance remotely. Remote working requires a different type of management and leadership compared to traditional office work and requires more effort from employees. It has indeed forced us to relook at workplace learning offered by corporates. As the world copes with the pandemic, the Learning and Development function across companies is adapting to lead with innovative digital solutions, to engage a remote workforce and influence their working  virtually.


Traditional companies who earlier had rejected the idea of virtual learning, digitally enabled learning journeys, or any form of digitalization, are now seeing a window of opportunity to experiment with these tools and use these tools to address the constraints that we are faced with in the current situation. To summarize, there is no certainty of when this crisis will slow down or end. If we use this opportunity for innovating , learning and growing, we will come out better than ever.The way forward for us is completely dependent on what we do with what we have learned. As the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, quotes, “We are in this together – and we will get through this, together.”

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