5 Feb 2018
Learning Can Be Fun Too – HashedIn’s Unique Bootcamp
Reet Shrivastava
#HashedIn University | 3 min read
Learning Can Be Fun Too – HashedIn’s Unique Bootcamp
#HashedIn University
Reet Shrivastava

A famous saying goes as “Having fun is the best way to learn”. In other words, we can say that learning is most effective when the learner is having fun during the process.


HashedIn University, a uniquely curated Bootcamp, with a sole focus on chiseling the new campus recruits embodies just that concept.


The new recruits referred to as linkers are exposed to a learning process which is quite unique in its approach. The intense learning sessions are complemented by appending fun elements, making it so much more impactful.


During the entire duration of the Bootcamp, Linkers are divided into multiple teams, which compete against each other in various fun activities. These regular sessions not only provide the much-needed break from the technical sessions but also give ample opportunities for the Linkers to bond.


For the fresh graduates, probably reminiscing about college fests, cultural activities conducted at HU, like  Mad Ads, Mockumentary, Decorations, Board Games and sports activities like Football and Badminton, comes as an assurance that professional lives could be fun too.


This distinguished Bootcamp never misses a chance to instill values of team building and leadership and unveil individual talents, through its blended learning approach.

So What’s Different?

The first thing that strikes a bell for anyone when you say “University” are endless lectures, memorizing of theories and then finally reproducing them in a 3-hour examination. I


t wouldn’t really matter if you have understood the concepts or not as long as you are able to reproduce them on a piece of paper, isn’t it? But then you cannot always “ scrape through” life. To climb the ladder of success, you will need to ensure you not only understand concepts but also put them to use.


This is exactly what “HashedIn University”, an intense Bootcamp does. It gears you up with skills and empowers you with knowledge. Technical sessions, critical-thinking activities, brainstorming ideas and hands-on project ensures Linkers have fun, learning.


The project built at the end of the session ensures the concepts learned all firmly imbibed.

Excerpts From My Experience as a Linker – 2016

During the 2016 HU, we had an agile development session which was just as fun as it was informative. During this session, we had a fun exercise in which we had to form teams and make paper airplanes as client deliverables.


This exercise taught us life skills of interpersonal communication, teamwork, and agile development process while providing us that fun element all along.  


Of course, what better way to bond than having a scrumptious meal with your teammates? The weekly outings were always something to look forward to.

Learning Continues

The intense Hashedin University program may have ended, but the learnings from this period remain with us through the lifetime. The skills we learn, be it technical or life skills, provide us with a platform to build upon and are a base for the future career path of the future Hashers.


As a proud Hasher, I can confidently say, that learning new technology, developing professional skills and imbibing values through fun sessions and activities have definitely helped me come a long way. The message is clear and the process makes it fun.


You could read what is HashedIn University all about here.

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