6 Aug 2019
Major DevOps Trends to Watch Out In 2019
Judelyn Gomes
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Major DevOps Trends to Watch Out In 2019
#Latest Blogs
Judelyn Gomes

DevOps is one of the commonly known concepts in the software development industry and it has been spreading throughout the technical community. DevOps can be defined as the practice of development and operations engineers who collaborate in the complete software development lifecycle. 


DevOps has been evolving since inception to meet the demands of varied organizations. Read this article to know the major DevOps practices that can bring better outcomes for your organization in 2019. 


Shift from CI Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines 


Pipelines can visualize the application entirely from source control to production. It enables an individual to view everything from a single pane. In order to maximize the continual delivery, organizations are investing more time and effort for taking measures towards automating the software development process. This clearly shows that great shift will happen from CI pipelines to DevOps assembly lines in the year 2019.


Integration of AI and DevOps 


The increase in demand for the applications that are delivered through cloud-based Software-as-a-Service model, portrays a picture that organizations are gathering more data on the interaction of people. With the data obtained from the insight, an organization can measure the key insights like deployment time, stability, lead time, failure rate and time taken for restoration. 


At this situation, implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning to the software lifecycle supports organization to know about the critical issues, bottlenecks, or any other issues that may occur in the future. It is believed that AI and data science expert team will tend to work together with the DevOps team in order to deliver software projects at a faster rate. 


Inculcation of Code Learning 


Testers who have the programming or coding skills and possess the capability to automate different test cases, are most required in DevOps. The clear understanding of the DevOps tools and automating scripts will attain a great level in the future. Hence, testers are recommended to learn necessary coding skills and get well-versed in the automation. It is found that the testers who don’t have coding skills may lose their value and manual testing may go for a toss. 


Continuous Delivery Matters More 


The organizations that have understood the importance of continuous delivery will adopt it in the software development process. Continuous delivery can be achieved by enhancing overall performance and organizational engagement. Soon, organizations provide continuous delivery of the project with the support of DevOps. 


Key Management Is Essential for DevOps 


Since GDPR and its related privacy laws are passed across the World, the data usage will be monitored in 2019 and beyond. In that case, the data tagging tools, and master data management becomes important to track data usage. This aspect will be carried out in order to ensure the security feature and confidential data will be encrypted appropriately and the encryption keys will be given. This leads to the offering of key management service in the DevOps environment. 


Microservices Architecture Usage Increases 


Microservices is one of the effective ways for an organization to deliver essential features for the customers. It is a common approach that enables a larger system to divide into smaller loosely coupled elements. These broken constituents can be delivered through light-weight containers in an isolated manner. 

The organizations that wish to become more agile can follow the microservice architecture. By doing so, they can make new deployments and add more features with much ease. It is believed that companies will move to microservice architecture in order to increase the run time and deliver the projects efficiently. 


Evolving of Kubernetes 


Kubernetes is one of the blooming technologies that have built a huge open source community. Since Kubernetes is simple to use and offers more benefits many organizations are adopting it. The adoption rate of Kubernetes technology will get increased in the upcoming years and it is foretold to attain huge popularity in the technical market. 


Security Features Get More Focus 


CICD pipelines would develop the tendency to accept the changes that are made often to meet customer demands. The best part of CICD is that, it can be automated and hence security has been considered as the design constraint.


It is therefore, essential that DevOps professionals ponder on the thought of creating security features. “DevSecOps” may be an unheard term as of now, but in the mere future this feature would be enabled in order to protect the software or application development cycle. This greatly eliminates the chance of less security and vulnerabilities in the development process. 


Final Thoughts 


On a final note the above-mentioned major DevOps treads are some pointers that DevOps personnel should watch out in 2019. The technological advancements, legislative changes and security requirements of the DevOps make the professionals in technological sector inculcate them more. 


According to the technical reports, plenty of DevOps solution enters into the market especially for supporting the developers who want to manage a high volume of data, automate processes and make numerous deployments in an organization. 

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