Onboarding at HashedIn


Suchitra Indukuri

15 Jul 2020

Your first day in an organization can be challenging or can be a cakewalk. At HashedIn, we make sure that the first day of onboarding day is one worth remembering. Every onboarding day there are two people with butterflies in their stomach, first is the new member and the second is the recruiter, as soon as they meet each other both are excited for different reasons. The member is happy to see a familiar face and the recruiter is happy that his candidate has now become a new member of the family. Onboarding day is a bit like new years day, a time to be excited for the future and to look back at the past, and a platform to utilize the upcoming opportunities to improve.


And that is exactly how we look at onboarding at HashedIn, we always strive to provide the best experience possible to everyone who steps in for an interview and that is how we start the day. The experience begins with the Recruitment manager having a welcoming session to look at how the recruitment process is. There is no better way to understand that, then to get it from the new hire to share some insights about their recruitment experience and feedback for improvement.


We believe culture doesn’t start on the development floor. It is built from the ground up, we ensure that every detail of the onboarding is built inline with the organization’s culture. An often overlooked part of the whole day is the documentation, IT Setup, and the induction program, we always strive to provide a smooth and seamless experience so the new member does not end up losing too much energy 🙂


Onboarding isn’t restricted to that particular batch of new members but involves every function in HashedIn to work in unison to ensure that the same consistent messaging is delivered to the candidate. To spice things up, we came up with a unique method of getting the new member to interact with every Hasher, we integrated a fun-filled game titled the “Scavenger Hunt”. The new member knows where to go and who to talk to for future references. It’s not about just telling them who to see in case they need something, but teaching them how to navigate across the various paths in the org. Oh and when we say every function, we mean everyone, even our leadership is involved in the scavenger hunt to interact with the new members, how cool is that!


Learning is ingrained in the fabric of HashedIn. Every hasher has to take up the basic AWS Accreditation on their day one; this is something that we are especially proud of.  Every hasher, no matter their job role, from HR to development has to undergo basic AWS Accreditation.


Our onboarding process just doesn’t stop with day one, all the new joiners of a particular month are obliged to attend an induction session in the preceding month, where they can interact with the leadership team, Business Unit Heads and the HR team to get some insight about HashedIn’s journey, it’s cultural values, tech geekness, exposure to Hash units, performance management process and expectations from them. This helps the new joinees know their expectations clearly and also encourages them to have closer identification with HashedIn. The new joiners also share their frank feedback about their experience at HashedIn, which helps us to grow as an organization and helps to grow as an individual.


On the whole, as HR personnel we don’t look at onboarding as a strenuous activity but we are over the moon to welcome everyone and offer them a glimpse into who we are as an organization and who we are as people, that is what we hope to do and we hope this made you want to experience who we are. Head on over to our career site to look at what jobs interest you, who knows you may be the right fit for HashedIn!!


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