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The 5 Elements of User Experience Design

The 5 Elements of User Experience Design

The 5 elements of user experience design are Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton and Surface. Find out how these impact a business.








UX Choreography

UX Choreography Workshop with Practo

Here is my first hand experience about the UX Choreography Workshop that I attended.


Building ChatBots: Do’s and Don’ts

ChatBots are a powerful way for businesses to communicate with customers. This blogs brings out the dos and donts when building a chatbot.


3 Keys to building a data-driven strategy

Big data and analytics are now on top of the corporate agenda. To successfully exploit data and analytics, companies require 3 supportive capabilities.

Java Tips

Top 18 Tips To Be A Better Java Developer

Top 18 Tips To Become An Outstanding Java Developer. Here is a summary of the top ideas for you know and learn about. Thread Safety, Functional Programming, Thread Local variables, Mapped Diagnostic Contexts in Logging and more.

design thinking and agile methodology

Design Thinking and Agile For Innovation

Learn how to combine design thinking and agile methodology to build better solutions, focus on end user requirements and improve workplace productivity.

React Native Web: Write Once Render Anywhere

React Native can help the developers develop mobile apps using Javascript which builds native applications that can easily run on both Android and iOS.

software modernization

Top 10 tips for software modernization

Here are some useful tips if you are considering software modernization. You can assess and take the right call when you decide to transform your business

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