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Hashedin Redis Labs Partnership

Big Monday – HashedIn is now a RedisLabs and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

HashedIn leverages its partnership with RedisLabs and AWS cloud Advance Consulting Partner to build intelligent SaaS solutions. Learn about our Open source redis and aws cloud expertise.

Multi SSL Host With ELB

Multi SSL Host With ELB

Setup Multi SSL Host with ELB in a few simple steps using this tutorial. Learn how SSL negotiation will be done by nginx on the web server.

Optaplanner for Nurse Rostering

Optaplanner for Nurse Rostering

An efficient nurse rostering system for the home healthcare industry was built using Optaplanner, a contraint satisfaction solver from Java open source

Introducing SQueaLy - Fastest Way to Develop Customized Dashboards

Introducing SQueaLy-Fastest Way to Develop Customized Dashboards

Create custom dashboards by harnessing SQL in Squealy. Learn about auto generated rest APIs, user authorization, scheduling email reports and reducing developer effort.

Build slack bot cli using context free grammar and pyparsing

Build Slack Bot CLI using Context Free Grammar and Pyparsing

Create Slack Bot to automate follow-up by using Context Free Grammar and Pyparsing. Learn how to write your own DSL and handle errors when parsing fails.

GraphQL For REST API Developer

GraphQL For REST API Developer

GraphQL is a very powerful library which implements an interface between client and server for data query and data manipulation. Read on to find out more

8 ways to improve performance of AngularJS

8 Ways to Improve Performance of AngularJS

8 tips to improve angular js performance. Learn about the correct use of angular js methods to to improve the speed of your angular apps.

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