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The 5 Elements of User Experience Design

The 5 Elements of User Experience Design

The 5 elements of user experience design are Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton and Surface. Find out how these impact a business.








New Employee Buddy Hasher Connect

The HashedIn Onboarding Experience

It is the first impression that either breaks or drives your dreams. If your first day at work is great, you know that you have a great start in the organization.

subscription economy

Subscription Economy – A new way to sell

Subscription economy - the idea of selling access to products or services and in-turn receive a recurring revenue is becoming a huge hit in the market.

Introduction to AI

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence & It Applications

AI tutorials, designed for the AI enthusiasts and hobbyist. The focus of these sessions are on AI basics, applications and use cases, reinforcement learning, neural networks and much more.

cloud technology impacts business world

Cloud Technology: How it impacts the Business World

Cloud technology has changed the way we work, collaborate and communicate. Here a 6 examples of how the business world is impacted by the cloud.

cloud computing and digital transformation

How Cloud Computing enables Digital Transformation

Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation are used in tandem by firms to fuel innovation and achieve optimization at scale.

SaaS business model

5 Reasons to Consider SaaS for Your Business Applications

Companies of all sizes are now embracing SaaS business model as the next best alternative to the on-premise hardware and software development.

Cloud computing security concerns

Top 5 Security Concerns in Cloud Computing

This blog explores the top security concerns in cloud computing. Analyze these risks and build a comprehensive cloud strategy.

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