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Unified Commerce – The Future of Retail Business

Agility & Project Management at Fixed-Cost

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive web application is a software built using common web technologies like HTML, CSS, and javascript, which intends to run on any platform that has a standard browser

Selective Kubernetes Deployment Using Affinity

Picture yourself in possession of a sample web application and HA Kubernetes cluster and in need of a high availability of the application using kubernetes cluster.

Application Modernization and the Urgency of Transition

Legacy application modernization is essentially a project designed for creating new business value from diverse aging and existing applications.

Product Management 2.0: The Evolving Role of Product Managers in 2020

Product managers today not only leverage their skills towards the company’s overall product but equally work towards leaving an impact on an organization development and strategies

DATA – the fuel that drives Product Management

Data-driven product management has become the talk of the industry lately. The astonishing fact is that product managers have been following a data driven pattern for quite a while.

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