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Data Analytics, AI & ML (Guest lecture by Mr. Nikhil Mathur, Partner Lead, AWS)

The second week at HashedIn University witnessed a guest lecture by Mr. Nikhil Mathur, Partner Lead – Data Analytics, & AI/ML, India & SAARC, Amazon Internet Services

Highly Available Kubernetes Setup Without Cloud Provider Lock-in

Kubernetes is one of the trending and fastest adopted tools in the DevOps process due to its features like scalability, high availability, network management, and auto-healing.

Relax, everything is going to be okay!

Everyone lives a different reality, but the one thing we have in common right now is that we are all working from home. And let’s face it, it’s not ideal.

Secrets Management with K8s

Security is a concern when it comes to Kubernetes. This blog talks about safeguarding sensitive information, synonymously referred to as Secrets with a Kubernetes setup.

Step by Step guide for Kubernetes in Dockers (KIND)

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster over VMs can cause a large overhead and cause other applications on the system to slow down. Hence, a containarized K8s cluster is the needed.

10 Must Have Slack Apps for Every Team (Article derived from MeetNotes)

We have bundled together some of the best productivity apps and team apps that can make your workplace a productivity powerhouse. Dig in, get things done faster & easier!

Digitalization, the biggest buzz in the technology industry

With the changing consumer behavior and increasing digitalization, various organizations are looking at ways of optimizing their digital assets to enhance productivity

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