Brainstorming @ HashedIn User Experience (HUX)

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Heuristic Evaluation @ HashedIn User Experience (HUX)

The goal of Heuristic evaluation was to identify major usability flaws within the website interface through the application of these heuristics.

ACM SIGCHI TEM Microsoft Research

ACM SIGCHIs 1st Bangalore Chapter User Research In Action

Empathy Mapping

Learn how to do Empathy Mapping in less than 2 mins!

An empathy map is a collaborative tool, designers use to gain a deeper insight into their customers. This video is aimed at making the viewer understand in less than 2 mins how to conduct a similar session for their next UX design project.

The HUX Hats

Brainstorming @ HashedIn User Experience (HUX)

saas sales process

5 Ways to Optimize Your SaaS Sales Process

When it comes to the SaaS landscape, there’s no shortage of competition.But, in order to beat the competition, you don’t necessarily need to be the most well-known or long-established SaaS company around.You just need to know how to optimize your SaaS sales process to work for you.


Why Heroku is one of the best solutions for your deployment fuss?

Here is a blog on why Heroku is one of the best solutions for deployment.

The Sixth Element of User Experience Design

The Sixth Element

This 6th element is powerful enough to combine all of its 5 precursors and create an impact or great inspiration. Read on to find out more.

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