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Application Modernization and the Urgency of Transition

Legacy application modernization is essentially a project designed for creating new business value from diverse aging and existing applications.

Product Management 2.0: The Evolving Role of Product Managers in 2020

Product managers today not only leverage their skills towards the company’s overall product but equally work towards leaving an impact on an organization development and strategies

DATA – the fuel that drives Product Management

Data-driven product management has become the talk of the industry lately. The astonishing fact is that product managers have been following a data driven pattern for quite a while.

Product management – The key to surviving constant disruptions

To tackle the constant disruptions head-on, whether business or technology, product management is the answer. Product management is the key to stability during uncertain times.

Is COVID-19 pushing the world of IT to a new normal?

As the pandemic continues to outrage and create havoc globally, it has made life difficult for all and mostly for IT professionals. what does covid-19 have in store for us?

The Importance Of Being Agile

Businesses that are agile, can rapidly adapt to internal and external market changes, without compromising on quality. They are quick to respond and are flexible to customer demands.

Create Electron App – An Electron + React Boilerplate

Create-electron-app is a boilerplate project for Electron applications. The Create-electron-app boilerplate is a combination of Electron, React, and Redux

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