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Mindmapping – Discover your Mind

Mind-mapping is a highly effective problem-solving technique and its creative and logical means “maps out” your ideas/thoughts.

How to use Customer Behaviour Data to Drive Customer Growth & Expansion

How to use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Customer Growth & Expansion

Customer behavior data collection is one of the most crucial keys to support the marketing strategy of a business. Every year organizations spend a huge

Cloud Integration

Is It Time To Downsize Your Integration Efforts?

Yes! It is the best time to downsize the integration efforts of your organization with the support of the latest technologies. Cloud integration

user experience tips

The 7 Factors That Influence User Experience Greatly!

User experience (UX) plays a paramount role in achieving organizational goals. The success or failure of a project depends on the level of user experience.

Best Techniques to Protect Enterprise IoT Devices from DNS Rebinding Attacks

Nowadays, many enterprise IoT devices, electrical equipment, and gadgets are vulnerable to DNS rebinding attacks. In order to protect those devices from DNS

enterprise Application Integration

The Complete Guide to Understanding the Enterprise Application Integration

The Complete Guide To Understanding Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)With Best Practices - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a complex problem to solve and different software vendors have produced different types of software products

Making Meaning versus Meaning Making

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose - Making meaning v/s Meaning making.

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