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Digitalization, the biggest buzz in the technology industry

With the changing consumer behavior and increasing digitalization, various organizations are looking at ways of optimizing their digital assets to enhance productivity

Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks and Collaborative Tools

According to OECD, the world’s economy could grow at its slowest rate since 2009, because of COVID-19. How do we turn this seemingly negative situation into a positive one?

Best Practices of Containerization

Docker is currently the most invaded and popular container platform, used by 30% of enterprises in their AWS ecosystem. Here are a few tips to avoid gaps in the usage of dockers.

What Would Be the Difference Between DevOps And DataOps?

In the search for superior methods of software development and data management, many organizations have started to follow DevOps and DataOps practices.

Re-balance your Kafka Cluster

Originally, Kafka was designed as a message queue, but we know today that Kafka has several functions and elements as a distributed streaming platform.

A Guide to Optimize Build-Time in Docker

HashedIn was graced with an opportunity to handle the containerization for a client. This blog covers a few tips on how we can reduce the build time of a docker image.

Design MetaSystems (Guest Lecture by Mr. Shayak Sen, Head of Design, Meesho)

After a rigorous first week at HashedIn University’s 17th edition, the “Linkers”, had a very informative guest lecture on, Design MetaSystems, by Mr. Shayak Sen.

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