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Getting Started With React Testing Library

A Guide To Maintain Containerized Applications

Open-sourcing our StatsD plugin for RedisTimeSeries

Collecting metrics has become an important goal for any agile focused company, it allows us to detect problems and opportunities for improvement as they arise.

Centralized logs using Logstash with RediSearch

Logs have been an essential part of troubleshooting application and infrastructure performance ever since its existence. To make it faster, centralized logging is said to very helpful

Container Services in Azure

Microservices have replaced the old Monolithic approaches of application deployment and paved a way for container technology to become very popular, Container Services in Azure

Data Analytics, AI & ML (Guest lecture by Mr. Nikhil Mathur, Partner Lead, AWS)

Data is something which can be derived not just from structured data sources but from twitter feeds, and various other sources that are unstructured. .

Highly Available Kubernetes Setup Without Cloud Provider Lock-in

Kubernetes is one of the trending and fastest adopted tools in the DevOps process due to its features like scalability, high availability, network management, and auto-healing

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