Relax, everything is going to be okay!


Pooja Joshi

15 Apr 2020

Did you ever think you would live through anything like this in your lifetime? I sure didn’t. I know, I can’t be the only, who is finding it difficult to focus on work. This post isn’t supposed to depress or give you some sort of existential crisis. In fact, the aim is the complete opposite. Having these feelings is completely normal, especially, when you are so far away from home. Home is supposed to be a sort of comfort zone for many, your own little bubble. While for others, coming to work every day was their escape. Everyone lives a different reality, but the one thing we have in common right now is that we are all working from home. And let’s face it, it’s not ideal. 


This post is slightly different from our regular programming, but I hope this helps someone, during these trying times. I would like to add a caveat, these are some things that have worked for me, and perhaps, if something else works for you, you can add them in the comments section below? 


So, here are some things you can do to take care of your mental health during a pandemic.


Physical distancing and socially connecting


Now that working from home is our new reality, we have many collaborative tools to get things done (we’ve even written a blog on it, which you can find here). But, what about our social lives? We are social beings after all. Therefore, it is important to still spend time with people that matter, through video chat. This will definitely make you feel less isolated. Talking to friends and family is known to be an instant mood-booster. Also, there’s an app I recently discovered, called HouseParty, where you can play games (virtually) with your friends (this has been a huge source of joy for me, personally and would recommend it!).


It’s okay not to keep up


Whether it’s your WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Instagram stories, or even Twitter timelines, we are constantly being bombarded with information. Sometimes, it’s okay, to take a break, and say to yourself, “I don’t want to know”. With the media constantly shoving information and statistics down our throats, it helps sometimes to just disconnect for a while. Take a break. Breathe. 


Self-care is your best-friend


Since we are all saving time on travel, why not spend those two hours of commute time, doing something that brings us peace? It could be absolutely anything, and this doesn’t mean you have to be a pro at it either. It just means you are doing something, completely for your enjoyment. Cooking, painting, drawing, reading, cleaning, yoga, at-home workouts, listen to some podcasts, meditate, etc. The list is endless, you just have to find what works for you. 


Be kind


This one is super underrated, but oh so important. We are all going through some really tough times, and to be honest, we don’t even know how it is going to unfold. So, be kind, not only to the people you work with and the people you stay with but also to yourself. Cut yourself some slack. You are doing the best you can, with the means you have. 


After a couple of months, when a sense of normalcy prevails, I hope most of us come out of this being more empathetic and compassionate people. Not only to each but also to the environment around us. To realize that, yes, things seem bad now, but also how privileged most of us are to have a roof over our heads, meals to eat, and a great support system. 


We are all in this together and if you do find yourself feeling overwhelmed, remember: Economy is a man-made concept, human life is not.

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