The Complete Guide to Understanding the Enterprise Application Integration


Judelyn Gomes

07 May 2019

enterprise Application Integration

What is EAI (Enterprise Application Integration?)

EAI is the process of linking business applications within a single organization together in order to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible. In a nutshell, EAI assists to create a transparent flow of data through business processes, Identify patterns that impact business processes and compensate immediately and it ensures seamless integration of business processes for the purposes of conducting business electronically

The Major 4 Drivers of EAI

The major drivers of EAI (enterprise application integration) are new technological advancement and modern age dynamics, real-time data access, cost reduction of integrating multiple application and seamless data transformation.

Enterprise application integration helps any companies to produce a cost-effective solution for transforming various complicated applications into a common and recognizable platform.  In order to propel business activities, proper co-ordination with customers, suppliers and manpower across the globe connected through the real-time information

Types of EAI

The types of EAI can vary from many factors including company size and industry, integration and project complexity and the budget and. Here we have given the four major EAI Levels

1. Data Level Enterprise Application Integration

2Business Model Level EAI

The Advantages of Enterprise Application Integration:

There are many benefits offered by enterprise application integration (EAI). For instance, users across the organization are able to access information in real time. They are also able to benefit from streamlined processes and save both time and effort while being able to make more accurate, better-informed decisions, thanks to data integration across the whole organization.

 The Main Challenges of Enterprise Application Integration:

Here is the list of main challenges that should be considered when implementing enterprise application integration.

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Success stories of EAI Technology Implementation


Success Story: Fast and Efficient Integration for A Popular Messaging App


The HashedIn team helped the client integrate their messaging app with over 10 different enterprise tools, making it easy for users to chat and collaborate across these systems using the messaging app. The key business benefits of the integration project were as follows

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