28 Aug 2019
The Future is SaaS – How Can We Help Solve Your Technical Crisis?
Judelyn Gomes
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The Future is SaaS – How Can We Help Solve Your Technical Crisis?
#Latest Blogs
Judelyn Gomes


Cloud computing is one of the most sought after technologies that have created a revolutionary change in the technological industry. This technology enables the users to avail the resources of the service provider rather than purchasing the new one. Generally, there are three types of service models available in cloud computing.


SaaS (Software as a Service) is one enormous cloud service model which is used as an alternative for the standard software installation in the work environment. The main benefit of using SaaS is that you can make the payment based on the software used and period of time.


The increase in demand for a SaaS software platform leads to the continual growth of the SaaS market. Take a look at this article to know the future of SaaS and how it could help solve technical crisis.


What Is SaaS and it’s Advantages?


SaaS is a software licensing model in which the required software is offered to the users on a subscription basis, unlike the traditional one. The concerned user can access the software through an external service, thus eliminating the need for in-house service. There is no need for downloading and installing the software in your system.


Merely, you can get access to the subscribed software from a web browser or external device. SaaS cloud service model offers a huge number of benefits to the users and some of them are scalability, accessibility, saving cost, and time.


Solving Technical Crisis


Organizations are making a shift from traditional software to SaaS for reaping its complete benefits in their business. When the number of SaaS user is increased in a cloud server it may lead to a complex crisis.


This is because; you tend to add more data on the cloud to create a new database and include various kinds of storage in the server. This means that too many resources cause huge complexity in the software platform. The cloud technology experts have reported that the future of SaaS will solve the technical crisis easily.


The vital role that SaaS plays in solving your technical crisis:


Integration with On-Premises System


SaaS IT Service Management (ITSM) can be easily integrated with the other technologies that are used in your infrastructure. The SaaS cloud makes use of the open standard APIs such that you can integrate your systems together in a cost-effective manner.


Terminate the Loop


Several records have showcased that, there is a huge gap between managing varied technical assets. The advanced SaaS ITSM eliminates the loop that may occur in asset management and supporting them. The integration of ITSM with asset management aids your organization to have a comprehensive approach for tracking the service activities in it.


Collaborate With Remote Staff


In most of the organizations, IT support teams stay at different sites and provide the service for multiple domains. It becomes much difficult for technical experts to organize and share information. The SaaS-based IT services offer immediate access to collaborate with remote staff from any device via the internet. This results in fast and reliable communication among support staffs, irrespective of the location.


Provides Better Alignment


The future of SaaS gives you a more flexible system and an agile based service desk that is very essential to sustain in the volatile market. For instance, any number of users can scale up or down based on their business requirement. Here SaaS minimize the risks of an organization who is budget conscious.


Disaster Recovery


The usage of SaaS cloud service model encourages the hosting of systems and enables the storing of many documents on the cloud. In certain unforbidden situations, the power may shut off and cause technical crisis due to natural or man-made disasters. The future of SaaS will emerge with disaster recovery that helps the cloud companies to manage such unavoidable situation.


Less Interruption


The cloud server may get affected with frequent disturbances pertaining to power shortage, network issues, hardware problems, etc. At a certain juncture the installation of updates can cause downtime and cause the loss of monetary resources. The latest hybrid approach that has evolved in cloud service help reduce the risk by backing up data irrespective of the locations.


Eliminate Upgrade Risks


The SaaS ITSM enables varied cloud service providers to install, test, and implement the new features accompanied by the latest versions. This helps the users to stay away from unexpected headaches of the process involved in patching and upgrading of on-premise software.


 Good Technical Support


When an enterprise is forcing to build itself without the usage of the cloud it is restricted to limited services. This causes the enterprise to depend on local staffs or hire a third-party company to help them during an emergency. But this major drawback can be altered or reduced when using a cloud, as it has the built-in support of experienced professionals.


SaaS has grown up the technical ladder and become an essential component of every individual’s daily life. The above notable information portrays how the future of SaaS will solve the technical crisis. The value of SaaS could be a dilemma at the onset but in the long run it helps to get rid of many problems in your organization and generate revenue stability. It is therefore evident that the advancement of SaaS will resolve many issues and hold its place in several cloud-centric platforms.

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