UX Choreography Workshop with Practo


Vishnudas P

06 Dec 2018

UX Choreography

On the day of the “Motion Graphics Meetup” with Practo Design Team (Bangalore), I was double-minded if this is going to be just another boring session. Traffic caught us late but the host welcomed us in a warm fashion.



I sat in a conference room with a lot of cookies, at arm’s length. Then I saw one of the most interesting motion graphics from Saptarshi Prakash, Product Design Lead – Swiggy. When he exclaimed that the work showcased was done 2 years back, I felt I am a bit late now.


Essentially I did a lot of small-time animations before but the clarity of the storyline made Saptarshi’s works stand out. We also debated across many examples in this space and understood the good & bad behind each creation. Later he concluded the talk with one of his best artworks and promised that we will be able to recreate the same before the end of the meetup.



During lunch, we networked a lot sharing good stories about our work life and office cultures. We then went through a hands-on session with tools like Adobe Illustrator & After Effects. Since we are adept on these tools, our focus was on the story-telling aspect. Ramakrishna Venkatesan, Design Head @ Zeta India, walked us through the creation process step-by-step that his words felt like a poetry.


They were curious to know about the challenges we face and to confront us to overcome that. In the end, we all made a rocket launching towards the sky.




The way our hosts guided us in the process to create an amazing motion design way just breathtaking. I learned about techniques, tools, and shortcuts to get things done at ease. The experience and the learning I got from the day is immense.  I want my motion design skills to develop as fast as the first rocket that I ever designed.

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