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Automotive & Industrials

A multi-tenant platform to digitize free service coupon for a leading two wheeler manufacturing company

HashedIn built a multi-tenant system for a leading two-wheeler manufacturing company to digitize their free service coupon.


Built a new application with enhanced User Experience

We helped our client by building an application that gave their users a modern and enhanced user experience.

Media & Others

Consulted the biggest Malayalam news channel to achieve a scalable and reliable system

We helped one of the leading news channel to assess the maturity of their current platform and how they can scale and reduce the infrastructure cost.


See how we helped an Indian Data Visualization Market Leader

We helped our client- Fusion Chart in improving their processes and operations efficiency with the help of technology.


Designing an ecommerce application for fixed cost using Broadleaf commerce

HashedIn helped Easytaaza in improving their operations and made the whole process starting from subscribing the package to delivering the order quite easy and efficient. This resulted in improved customer interaction with the application along with improvement in ease of order management for operational team.

Product Companies

See how we helped an online art retailer with an effective Dashboard

We helped an online art retailer with an effective Dashboard.


Dockerization and Automation of Infrastructure for NTN Buzztime Inc.

HashedIn modernized the NTN Buzztime’s infrastructure and enabled them to go to the market faster.  The new and improved platform could accommodate about 2 million requests with zero downtime.  The improved infrastructure performance resulted in 4x improvement in application performance.

Health Care

Digitally connecting patients to doctors

We helped our client in empowering their patients to take care of their own health using the power of technology.

Automotive & Industrials

We helped Shuttl replace manual tracking by building apps

Shuttl faced a major challenge in maintaining information about the operators and drivers. We helped them manage all the information related to operators and drivers via Odoo and an android application.

Product Companies

We helped a social shopping company manage all their critical data by building a Vendor Management Portal

Our client faced a major challenge in maintaining all of their vendor’s product information as they were in the form of spreadsheets, emails and SQL reports. We built a vendor management portal that helped them in managing all of their critical data effortlessly.

Automotive & Industrials

See how we helped Ford Motors in integrating its main website with multiple dealer websites

We helped one of the biggest automotive companies’ dealers manage their inventories better. This also helped the dealers in increasing their sales by 26%.

Media & Others

Campaign Management Dashboard for 2K16 US Presidential Election

HashedIn built a SaaS based product called Battlefield Insights which helped their customer to deliver 100% success rate during 2016 US General elections. HashedIn played a vital role in transforming the idea of an integrated system into a game-changing product.

Health Care

Operational Metrics - Business Intelligence Dashboard for Hospitals

For a chain of community hospitals in US, we built web based operational reporting dashboards that reported on metrics such as patient pathway, ER wait times, occupancy status, eloped patients and other operational metrics.


Regulatory Dashboard for a Popular Singapore Based Leading Investment Bank

We built a Regulatory Dashboard for a leading Investment Banking Firm, which efficiently addressed some of the critical challenges of internal auditing. This was enabled with a feature to export crucial data in multiple formats in less time.


Leading financial services company seeked our assistance to retrieve critical reports

One of the leading Banking and Financial Services firm were facing challenges in retrieving relevant Reports from their multiple systems. Our engineers Developed a centralised Compliance Dashboard that allowed them to export reports in multiple formats across the systems.

Media & Others

Social Media Dashboard for Media Analytics Company

We built a real-time social media dashboard to track the user sentiments across multiple channels, which increased the efficiency by 10x and reduced operational cost by 8x.


Tastypie based RESTAPI Platform for Interactive Entertainment Agency

Buzztime was using a legacy platform for its analytics which hampered their operational performance. With HashedIn’s modernization technique, Buzztime was able to boost marketing ROI by improving their analytics and optimization programs.

Product Companies

Re-architecting the legacy system to Python and Django

HashedIn re-architected 15 years old Winzip legacy application in 10 weeks which runs seamlessly on the latest framework. This elevated their development efficiency by 10x and increased ROI by 4x.


IoT enabled safety and compliance Platform

We built a IoT enabled digital software platform for safety and compliance effectiveness for Honeywell’s gas leakage detection suite of products.


Partner Portal Application for all the Operational Needs

We helped one of the biggest hotel chains by developing one stop solution called “Partner Portal Management” which boosted their productivity by 5x and saved overhead cost by 15%.


Modernized Aruba’s legacy application and enhanced the performance capabilities with fewer end-user complaints

We helped Aruba overcome performance and functionality challenges by migrating their complete legacy application into a modern new application, which increased their user adoption rate and boosted operational efficiency by 10x.

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