Regulatory Dashboard for a Popular Singapore Based Leading Investment Bank


Hashedin developed a Compliance, Controllers Regulatory reports and dashboard that helped the client in auditing the trading activities happening on Singapore exchange using proprietary trading system sourcing data from heterogenous systems and enabled an option to export the relevant reports in multiple formats.

Banking Dashboard
PDF based Reports for Securities Trading

Client Overview

This client is one of Singapore’s leading financial services companies that has its presence all over the world. It is a highly reputed company in the financial services Industry.

Business Challenge

  • The client wanted to create a scalable reporting framework that could generate reports based on the entered queries.
  • The end users were top executives of the bank that had no technical knowledge.
  • The client wanted reports from the compliance dashboard to be exported in various formats such as PDF, Excel and Text.
  • The framework had to be developed in such a way where adding new reports did not require any backend change in the source code.
  • Need for Collaborative data - The users are required to export the reports in a manner that any additional data like the target, projection or other data could be added to data from reports.
  • There was a need of a system that could allow a better control on the retention period through a minor configuration.
  • Quick Reports: The System had to include inbuilt queries, where the users could just click “Generate” to fetch reports with some pre-defined queries, without having to create new queries every single time.

Solution Approach

  • Created a reporting framework with pre-defined reports and with an option to export the generated reports.
  • Integration of the compliance dashboard was also done with some internal tools of the bank, for which there was no documentation available. Additional, discovery phase was done to explore these internal database platforms on Oracle.
  • Plan, design and milestones were all validated at the start of the project to ensure that all the stakeholders are aligned. Agile methodology was adopted to meet the changing requirements of the client.
  • Offered on-site senior level technical support for all the major release of the finance dashboard.


  • Oracle 13
  • SAP Crystal Report
  • PL/SQL

Results Delivered

Hashedin developed a reporting framework that could not only generate reports based on the entered queries but also enabled the users to export the reports in multiple formats such as PDF, Excel and Text. With this new framework, the client could extract any additional report without changing the backend source code.

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