Operational Metrics - Business Intelligence Dashboard for Hospitals


Hospital Dashboard for CXO to analyze and capture the KPI’s in a real-time basis.

Screenshot of business intelligence dashboard for hospitals

Client Overview

Our Client has a chain of community hospitals that operates across 80+ regions. They wanted a Healthcare dashboard for a better understanding of their operational performance.

Business Challenge

A large chain of community hospitals had trouble monitoring operations across its 80+ facilities. Executives wanted to be aware of the data analysis which would show how each facility was performing at the moment; but the only way to find out was to login to 3 different systems for various metrics. Even more frustrating, there were 2 different Hospital Management Systems in use, and that made reporting across facilities even more difficult.

Solution Approach

We built a custom web application with a real time dashboard for Executives. This application provided visibility into metrics such as patient pathway, wait times by department, occupancy reports, admission & hold times and much more on the healthcare dashboard.

At HashedIn, we choose the best tool available for the job, even if it means going with an off-the-shelf production. However, in this case, we chose not to use an existing healthcare solution such as Tableau or Qlik for the following reasons:

The per user license model would quickly get very expensive given the number of users that needed access to metrics The metrics were well defined and didn’t require a lot of ad-hoc reporting, so they wouldn’t benefit from a drag-and-drop style DIY tool Most of the work involved integrating with multiple inhouse systems and building a star-shaped schema for the metrics. The tools wouldn’t help much in doing this.

Results Delivered

It took 3 months to develop and deploy the web application for Healthcare Dashboard. The client was benefitted with the following features after the dashboard went live.

  • Data pipeline - to pull raw data from multiple HMS’ and other internal systems on a 5 minute frequency, perform normalization and aggregation, and finally store the derived metrics in a MySQL based star schema
  • Customizable Alerts - on any metric, with custom thresholds. Allowed executives to react to issues as they occur
  • Modern Responsive UI - using HighCharts for charting, Angular JS web framework, and REST APIs to fetch metrics
  • Authentication - Integration with Active Directory to only allow authorized users access to metrics
  • Easy to add additional Metrics - A declarative mechanism to add additional metrics by simply writing an SQL query

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