Leading financial services company seeked our assistance to retrieve critical reports

Screenshot of software and process compliance report


Hashedin developed a Compliance dashboard that helped the client in auditing the system usage and enabled an option to export the relevant reports in multiple formats.

Client Overview

Our client is one of the leading multinational banking and financial services companies from Singapore. They have their branches across the globe.

Business Challenge before Hashedin

The client faced challenges in generating various reports based on the entered query. The existing process did not allow their executives to download the reports in multiple formats.

What our Client wanted?

  • Our client wanted a scalable reporting framework that could generate reports based on the entered query.
  • The End users were mostly top executives of the bank, who were non-technical users. Therefore they wanted a framework that is user friendly.
  • The reports from the compliance dashboard should be allowed to be exported in formats like text, excel and PDFs.
  • They wanted a framework to be built in such a way, where adding new reports would not require any backend change in the source code.
  • Collaborative Data - Business users are required to export the reports in such an editable manner that additional data like target, projections and other data could be added to data from reports.
  • Data Retention - System allowed a better control on retention period of data through minor configuration.
  • Quick reports - System must have in-built queries where user can simply click “Generate” to fetch reports on the compliance dashboard with pre-defined queries, without having to create new queries every time.

Solution Approach

  • Create a reporting framework with pre-defined reports, with option to export the entire generated report.
  • Integration of various tools and third party application using REST APIs to fetch data. If APIs were not available, developed extractor/parser to fetch required data from tool. Integration of the compliance dashboard was also done with couple of internal tools of the bank, for which there was no documentation available. Additional, discovery phase was done to explore these internal tools.
  • Design, plan and milestones were validated at the start of project to make sure that all stakeholders are aligned. Agile methodology was adopted to fit the changing requirements of client.
  • Provided on-site senior level technical support for every major release.


  • Java
  • Spring
  • Jquery
  • Tomcat
  • Mysql

Results Delivered

The client had a Compliance Dashboard that not only helped in auditing the system usage but could also generate reports based on the entered queries. The end-users were able to quickly export the reports in multiple formats such as PDF, Excel and Text.

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