Modernized Aruba’s legacy application and enhanced the performance capabilities with fewer end-user complaints


We modernized Aruba’s legacy system to a next gen application, which resulted in higher user adoption and boosted their go to market time rapidly.

Photo of Aruba UI

Client Overview

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is one of the leading providers of next generation networking solutions for enterprises. Aruba’s mobile first, cloud first approach, addresses the fundamental changes in today’s business environment.

Business Challenges

Aruba controllers were using an old legacy UI to configure networks, due to which they had major issues with the performance, functionality and the usability.

What our client wanted?

Aruba wanted a UI that was extremely user friendly, with improved usability, enhanced performance and something that offers end to end test cases to keep track of functionality errors.

Solution Approach

With the new UI the following things were made possible:

  1. A centralized system which could be used to configure multiple controllers at one go
  2. Similar UI across all Aruba products
  3. Responsive: Controller configurations can now be done using tablets/ mobile
  4. User friendly: A UI which is intuitive and easy to use
  5. High Performance: With the new implementation, a new look, better performance, it was fully refined by converting old code to angular js framework
  6. End to End testing: Now almost all modules has end to end test cases so that anyone can keep track of failures in the functionality in any module due to any fix or new implementation


  • AngularJS
  • Protractor

Results Delivered

Post modernisation, the user adoption was very high which resulted in greater productivity. The new UI was extremely user friendly and this centralised system was capable of configuring multiple controllers all at once.

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