Built Mobile EMR System for Fortune 500 Hospital Chain | HashedIn

We built a mobile based EMR system for a Fortune 500 Hospital chain


HashedIn mobilized the desktop based EMR system for the client saving almost $8 Million/year.

Client Overview

A Fortune 500 Hospital chain which has center across 80 different locations. They were paying almost $8 Million in paper cost and maintenance every year.

Business Challenges

Desktop-based EMR systems are outdated and poor in performance. In today’s busy world there is a whole lot of information that a care needs on the go when offering consultation service and this information is vital to making the right decisions at the right time. There was an acute need for information.

In tandem with President Obama’s visionary act of moving patient health records from a paper-based system to an electronic one, our client decided to move to a completely paperless documentation.

Solution Approach

We aimed at delivering a positive business outcome for the client. The main focus was to help the client save time, money and help them have error-free paperwork.

Results Delivered

We helped our client achieve the following with our approach.

  • Reduced admission time from 1 hour to 15 minutes – 400%  increase in efficiency of Hospital staff
  • $8M annual savings by reducing time and infrastructure costs to print, distribute and edit paper forms.
  • Single centralized system for caregivers, from patient admission to patient discharge
  • Higher quality data capture and fewer errors due to dynamic nature of the app as compared to static paper
  • Improved collaboration among caregivers as different nurses change shifts
  • IPad compliant, intuitive and very easy to use for caregivers. Also works on Desktop & Chromebooks
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