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Dockerization and Automation of Infrastructure for NTN Buzztime Inc.


HashedIn modernized the NTN Buzztime’s infrastructure and enabled them to go to the market faster.  The new and improved platform could accommodate about 2 million requests with zero downtime.  The improved infrastructure performance resulted in 4x improvement in application performance.

Client Overview

NTN Buzztime Inc. is an interactive gaming company known for introducing innovative dining technologies to bars and restaurants across the United States and Canada. NTN Buzztime’s customizable solution was introduced to differentiate themselves via competitive fun by offering guests trivia, card, sports and arcade games, nationwide competitions, personalized menus and self-service dining features.

Business Challenges

NTN Buzztime Inc. was looking for scalable infrastructure along with the new platform being built that can support restaurant menus with 50,000 devices placed across the United States. The primary driver to modernize the infrastructure was to enable NTN Buzztime Inc. to go to the market faster. The new platform needed effective monitoring to support the business with zero downtime along with consistency across environments to reduce infrastructure maintenance cost.

Solution Approach

HashedIn delivered better performance and monitoring by dockerizing the on-premise infrastructure. Docker enabled consistency across environments and other technologies.  We Implemented  CI & CD using Jenkins and Docker-Swarm, which helped in automating the deployment process. We have decoupled each application so that an extra layer of security at system and network layer exists between the host system and application containers running on them.

Listed below are the technologies leveraged to build a scalable infrastructure platform.


  • Docker-swarm: We implemented continuous deployment of containers in docker swarm clusters and enabled swarm failover to protect from node outages, which helped to achieve zero downtime. Docker swarm was also set up to add or subtract container iteration as changing the computing demands resulted in cost deduction.
  • Nginx: We implemented Nginx reverse-proxy and load balancing with advanced security implementations which helped to avail 100% uptime. Smart caching implementation enabled to serve real-time food menus in 50000 tablets across the US.
  • Gunicorn: A Gunicorn web server was implemented which was tuned for high performance with lower response time.
  • New Relic: We implemented New-relic for enhanced monitoring, which helped in pro-active maintenance of application & infrastructure.
  • Logentries: Logentries were implemented for centralized log management of docker and other applications, which helped in achieving proactive alert system in case of live incidents also reduced the debugging time by 30%
  • Beanstalk: Beanstalk and Jenkins were used in continuous integration and orchestration which resulted in smooth deployment and error-free build with fall back ability in case of failures.
  • Apache workbench & Gatling (Automated testing): Enabled automated performance testing, which helped in achieving stable systems during each deployment.
  • Logrotate: HashedIn helped in setting up Logrotate for periodically collecting logs from each node of applications. This also includes periodic cleanup of old logs to maintain steady disk capabilities.

Docker-swarm architecture diagram :

Results Delivered

The infrastructure delivered was serving 2 million requests with zero downtime. The platform was stable since it went live. The continuous integration with automated performance testing enabled in finding issues earlier and in reducing development cycles. Consistency across environments via docker helped in stabilizing the program.

Here are some of the tasks that we performed to help NTN Buzztime Inc. go to market faster:

  • Modernized infrastructure – leveraging the latest technologies  
  • Zero downtime deployments
  • 4X improvement in application performance with the new infrastructure.
  • Continuous Deployment and delivery which enabled ‘Release Early and Often’
  • Standardization of Environment and Version Control using Docker
  • Pro-active infrastructure maintenance using advanced Monitoring tools

Client Testimonial

“The HashedIn team has played an instrumental role in modernizing our API platform, the new API platform not only enabled access to food menus across 50000 tablets deployed in our customer’s venues, but also reduced third-party calls by 83%.”

Andy Platter

VP of Engineering

NTN Buzztime, Inc

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