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Python Dependency Injection - Designing Module Part-2

posted under technology on 26 Apr 2017 by sarthakdua
Python dependency injection is a great practice to make our python modules more testable, maintainable and scalable. Learn how can we implement that while designing our modules.
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Introducing SQueaLy - Fastest Way to Develop Customized Dashboards

posted under technology on 24 Apr 2017 by devashish
Fast track analytics tool to quickly generate customized dashboards and reporting APIs with secure database connections. Get auto-generated REST APIs with fine-grained authorization within minutes.
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Nurse-rostering through OptaPlanner

posted under technology on 10 Apr 2017 by devashish
Our hands-on experience on solving NP-complete optimization problems through Optaplanner. This approach can be useful for a lot of practical problems such as employee rostering, vehicle routing, sports scheduling, financial optimization etc.
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Build Slack Bot CLI using Context Free Grammar and Pyparsing

posted under technology on 29 Mar 2017 by anshuman
Use Context Free Grammar and pyparsing for a simple and expressive Slack Bot commandline interface
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GraphQL - A Cool Kid on the Block

posted under technology on 08 Feb 2017 by amanraj
What is graphql? And how does it help in solving the issues faced while writing and maintaining rest apis
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8 Ways to Improve Performance of AngularJS

posted under technology on 02 Feb 2017 by pansulbhatt
This post is to help developers understand and improve the performance of their angular js applications
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5 Absolute Must Have Jekyll Plugins If You Care About Performance and SEO

posted under technology on 17 Jan 2017 by sri

If you are using Jekyll to build a static website, here is a list of awesome plugins that will help you achieve your performance and seo goals.

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How to Deploy RabbitMQ on AWS

posted under technology on 10 Jan 2017 by karthik

RabbitMQ is a messaging broker, and is an excellent choice to maintain task Queues. Here is how you can configure RabbitMQ on AWS in an autoscaling load balanced environment.

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5 Gotchas with Elastic Beanstalk and Django

posted under technology on 06 Jan 2017 by sri
Deploying django apps on Elastic Beanstalk? Beware of these 5 pain points.
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Modernizing and Evolving Spring Applications

posted under technology on 05 Jan 2017 by vivekgyaneshwar
Spring Boot is the modern avatar of Spring. Learn how to migrate from a legacy spring application to Spring Boot.
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Introducing JinjaSQL - Generate SQL Using Jinja Templates

posted under technology on 03 Jan 2017 by sri
JinjaSQL is our open source library to generate SQL queries using a template without any kind of SQL Injection.
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Inheritance versus Composition in Python - Designing Modules Part - 5

posted under technology on 03 Jan 2017 by sri
Part 5 of designing modules compares inheritance versus composition, and shows how new business requirements can be added without changing existing code.
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Open Closed Principle in Python - Designing Modules Part - 4

posted under technology on 03 Jan 2017 by sri
This blog introduces the open/closed design principle, a part of the SOLID Programming principles, and describes how new functionality can be introduced without modifying existing code.
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Preventing Form Spam on Sites

posted under technology on 02 Jan 2017 by reetshrivastava
Methods to prevent spam on web forms that are served without authentication.
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Code in WordPress Theme Files vs Code in Plugin

posted under technology on 30 Dec 2016 by sarthakdua
What's the difference between writing code in a theme vs in a plugin? When should you choose one versus the other?
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On granularity of REST APIs

posted under technology on 29 Dec 2016 by sri
Design write APIs so that only the changed information is updated, otherwise you may end up with race conditions.
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Who screwed up?

posted under technology on 15 Dec 2016 by sri

There are millions of ways in which things can go wrong. But I believe all of it can be classified to just this simple thing – Who screwed up?

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Exception Handling In Python - Designing Modules Part - 3

posted under technology on 08 Dec 2016 by sri
Exception handling in python has been explained well in this post. It implements an SMS Client incorporating python exception handling.
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Python Interface Design - Designing Modules Part - 1

posted under technology on 06 Dec 2016 by sri
Python interface design discusses about the requirements and the interface design for an SMS Client. It will help you build better design for an SMS Client.
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Sass – Happy styling - Part 1

posted under technology on 28 Jul 2016 by sampathkannanth
A quick introduction to Sass and notes on how to install in.
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Sass – Happy styling - Part 2

posted under technology on 28 Jul 2016 by sampathkannanth
A small cheat sheet for SASS
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Auth Headers vs JWT vs Sessions - Choosing Right Auth Technique for APIs

posted under technology on 05 Jul 2016 by sri
A quick cheat sheet to decide between tokens, JWT, sessions, basic auth or signature based auth for your APIs
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MUST Set Timeouts on all Connections

posted under technology on 19 May 2015 by sri

Set appropriate timeouts whenever you connect to a database, an external API, a cache, an email client or anything that is running in a different process.

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AWS – Range of Storage Systems

posted under technology on 13 Apr 2015 by sri
What's the difference between instance storage, elastic block storge, elastic file system, s3 and glacier? When should you use what?
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CSS Layouts 101 – Part 1

posted under technology on 22 Mar 2015 by anshuman
A quick introduction to layouts in CSS
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