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Digital Business Needs Cloud Native Architecture

Technology - 04 Jan 2018
Harish Thyagarajan
How to Deploy RabbitMQ on AWS

How to Deploy RabbitMQ on AWS

RabbitMQ is a messaging broker, and is an excellent choice to maintain task Queues. Here is how you can configure RabbitMQ on AWS in an autoscaling load balanced environment. Installing RabbitMQ On Ubuntu/Debian # Add the official rabbitmq source to your apt-get...
Deployment with docker compose

Deployment with docker compose

An application can consists of multiple tiers or sub-components. In containerized deployment these components needs to be deployed as individual unit. For an example if a application consists of database & caching server, then database & caching server...

Designing Modules in Python [ebook]

Designing Modules in Python is part of HashedIn’s training program for junior developers to get better at design. Today, we are making it available as a free ebook.  Download E-Book Who is this ebook for? This book is for all those who have some experience in an...

Application Performance Optimization

How many times have you heard this line “My application is running slow, how to check what’s the problem?” At Least I have heard this line a lot of times. I will share my learnings on how to debug any application performance related issue. I will categorize this...

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