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Effectiveness and Ethics of your feedback

General - 16 Mar 2018
Esha Parnami
Effectiveness and Ethics of your feedback

Effectiveness and Ethics of your feedback

Ethics in the corporate world is a very vast topic and will take many days to cover. Today I want to draw your attention to only a small part of it i.e. Ethics of giving feedback. It may be a small part of the corporate world but believe me, its impact is huge when...

More Than “Project Management”

Who is a Project Manager and what does he do? Most people imagine Project Manager as a well dressed person, perpetually hated by everyone in team, good for nothing but still sitting in an AC cabin. Did you also visualise a Project Manager likewise? Let’s discuss about...

How Do We Deliver 40% Faster

Influencing factors that help us deliver 40% Faster with 100% Guaranteed Outcomes Our technology expertise has provided faster and impactful solutions to businesses across the globe with the help of these factors : Accelerators With our reusable modules, proprietary...

On granularity of REST APIs

I believe that read APIs should return as much information as possible; while write APIs should modify as little as possible. While building a HipChat addon, we wanted to update a user’s status message. So we look at the API docs, and there’s an API to update a user....
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