A Training Bootcamp

HashedIn University is an internal training program inspired by research from HBS Professors Thomas J. DeLong and Michael Paley. This award-winning study showcases how fresh perspectives can be applied by new talent before they are entrenched in the organizational processes.
HashedIn University is a 2-month intensive yet fun filled unique training program that is conducted with a motive of training young talented engineers as industry ready leaders. Each day offers some insuperable challenges to the new recruits, who go through some intense sessions and emerge out as highly confident, business professionals.


A unique approach to learning and training on the job


At HashedIn University, individuals learn various technologies by building products hands on. This fresh approach to learning gives the engineers a platform to apply their knowledge in the real-world scenario. The 2-month long program also gives an immense opportunity for the new recruits to learn to work as a team. The fun activities, outings and more ensures the linkers develop unbreakable bonds, prioritize and work smarter as a team.


The entire exercise also ensures that every year, the leadership team gets an opportunity to align their strategies and lead HashedIn in a focused direction.