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Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications across clusters of hosts. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It works with a range of Container Tools (including Docker). It provides Microservices, which helps you write a module both in Python and Java, yet K8s possesses the capability to manage both modules. Many cloud services offer a K8s-based platform or infrastructure (PaaS or IaaS) on which K8s can be deployed as a platform-providing service. HashedIn is a Preferred Consulting and implementation partner for K8s, with K8s Enterprise specializations. HashedIn has deep knowledge in Cloud, Docker and Container systems.

We have an in-house certified CKA team which helps you utilize maximum out of K8s.
Deep expertise in K8s managed services – HashedIn is AWS partner and on course to become Azure and GCP partner.
We have deployed around 20+ K8s applications across these 3 cloud providers and other managed providers.
HashedIn has also deployed enterprise-grade on-prem setup for Fortune 100 companies in the production.

With the help of our CKA team, you get the best in industry analysis on how your organization can transition from legacy setups to K8s, irrespective of cloud or on-prem hosting. Our K8s experts ensure to stabilize your existing K8s setup and leverage K8s training. We help you throughout your journey from containerization to Kubernetes adoption.

We don’t just provide Ops level changes required for K8s, also own Application level changes if required. We analyze, agree, own and implement the end-to-end K8s platform for you. We provide good K8s setups which are followed by best practices.

HashedIn’s K8s team helps integrate third-party tools for monitoring, auditing, visualization, alerting and logging-in with your K8s platform. With our expertise over K8s, we can easily integrate your applications with these third-party tools seamlessly.

We are constantly dedicated to driving success by helping businesses realize value from the exponential flow of real-time data streams within their organization. We ensure to serve you round-the-clock, by providing uni-platform for staging multiple containers in a single host and managing them via child servers. We help reduce downtime and hardware requirements, improve operations expertise, leverage deep knowledge of best practices in the use of K8s, the broader K8s Platform, and complementary systems.

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